Future coach and AD and my opinion on support...

Right now I keep reading a lot of people saying things like:

“Well, if he is the coach I’ll withdraw my support” or “There
is no way I want his baggage for our coach”, etc. You get
the point. I’ve seen things in the equally opposite side as well.

Support from me has always been, and always will be, first and
foremost for the “Razorbacks” and the young men that lay it
all on the line and work their asses off to run through the “A” and
be on that field on game day. Thats where my support goes.

While I have preferences for AD and coaches, those tend to come
and go, so in the grand scheme my like or dislike for them really
doesn’t factor into the equation. The Razorbacks and players are
the constant for me. I love the helmet, the jersey (even when they
make weird changes too often for my taste), the hog call, and the
university. Anything else pales to that, but thats just me and I don’t
expect others to feel the same way.

100% agree.

It truly irritates me to see the ’ if he gets hired I’m done’. Or ’ I’m pulling my donations’ if it’s not the person they like.

If you are willing to pull your charitable donations over the coach, I think you need to re evaluate why you are donating. . Mine will always be for the players. There is no coach or AD that will stop that. They have my loyalty no matter what, because of the jersey they wear.

There’s a lot of finger pointing as to who is a true fan or not around here, but you aren’t a true fan if you pull stunts like this acting like a child over the coach.

You don’t like him, he’s a jerk? Big deal. We like to act like Bret is a saint, when we all know he’s had his bumps in the road in Fayetteville.
If it takes having a coach that is a jerk to win, sign me up. We have one that’s apparently the nicest guy in the world and look where we are. But let’s not fool ourselves coaches are all ego maniacs, big deal! You haven’t gotten out of the basement much if you’ve never dealt with a jerk.

I’ll support whoever, until given a reason not to. I’ll always support the players though.

Wonderful post

Whoever the coach its next year, I will be in my seat at RAZORBACK stadium I like have been for 45 years.

Well said.
If he wins and treats people with respect, I can deal with a lot.

The older I get, the more important to me that our coaches be good people that treat others with respect and kindness.

Coach B got a lot of leeway from me because of how he handles the kids. My wife, the epitome of a casual fan, loves Coach B for that same reason.

If he is going to go, I just hope they take care of everything quick and get us back to recovering…again.

Which is exactly my point. I’m not opposed to Gus because of HUNH. I’m opposed to him because he’s a hypocritical backstabbing prick. Same goes for Kiffin and Leach. I don’t know that either one is a backstabber, but they’re both jerks.

Oh, I forgot one name on my HELL NO list: Art Briles. This one is because of how he ran his program. If they could run and block and tackle, they were also free to rape without consequences.

Great post! You are telling it like it is. It’s sad that for many posters: “It’s my way or the highway.”

I look forward to covering the new people. That’s the fun part of the job. There will be interesting things to write. New people bring energy. I don’t care who they are. It will be fun.

I’m in tune with Gentry and Swine.

I have my preferences for the style of football Arkansas plays. I admit it. I was raised with the Frank Broyles philosophy.
I like a strong running game. A strong defense that limits big plays, and uses quickness. Win the kicking game (Bret’s biggest weakness if you ask me).

Bt the most important thing to me is similar to what those two just said. Be a good person. treat people well. Love the kids. Winning? Well…obviously if you don’t win you don’t get to remain as coach. That’s a given.

But representing us well with grace and dignity and kindness is important. Doing the right thing. Nolan could lose his cool…but he stood for something very right and important. His mission was above winning.