Funny stuff on Moorhead

The speculation in today’s ADG on Moorhead going to Rutgers takes me back to our game at Rutgers. We moved from the nosebleed section to the endzone near our band and had a nice conversation with some Rutgers fans about their upcoming move to the Big 10. They were warned to have low expectations. Why Moorhead would think things would be different at Rutgers than at MSU is a mystery. Both schools are at the bottom of the heap in their conferences for resources and recruiting. They can, maybe, expect to be competetive every decade or so if they get lucky with a recruiting class, but only if there is some stability and quality in the coaching staff. Moorhead came in sounding a lot like Bielema, grossly underestimating the consistent toughness not just of the conference, but the western division. An aside; Texas A&M hasn’t learned that, either. They came into the SEC with hopes of national championships and have not yet learned to be satisfied with 9-win seasons. Not to say A&M is bottom of the conference, just that it is double tough and expectations should be tempered with reality. Back to Moorhead, he should stay at MSU and recruit his way out. If he leaves for Rutgers it shows he does not believe it is possible for that to happen. The conclusion would be the same for the Razorbacks.

Moorhead is not a good fit at MSU and that is not his fault but his leaving would not be a surprise. I think you make some good comments that many of our fan base does not appreciate still. The SEC is best football in all of the country and the West has been a killers row the past six years. Talent, coaching, fanfares and resources are all there to win but margin is small is not all of the things are in place. At Arkansas, we have won when we had good coaches and abundant talent. We are couple years away from having talent to reload each year (Portal may affect that both good or bad). As to coaching my take is that there is a much greater learning curve going on but the coaches are making the right efforts. It is hard to win when you do not line up correctly or have your starters practicing during the week only to play on Saturday. There is too much coach speak binding all of this together but some of that is to protect the players and help recruiting so we will live and die by what the words say and what we see on the field. SEC is tougher than most fans can appreciate. I appreciate Coach Morris wanting the challenge , I hope he can hang on to rope to get the turnaround done. As schedule shows , there will not be any give me’s on this process.