Funny Story About Texas Game

One of my good friends is a Big 12 official(back judge) and has drawn the AR-Texas game next month. I told him he better practice the phrase “pass interference, Texas” or he’s getting a two finger prostate exam this fall for his yearly physical by me!

His response was visceral to say the least. His wife laughed out loud as church was starting when she heard my comment.

Go hogs!


That is an awesome story!!

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I think he needs to practice his targeting calls on the Texass secondary.

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That is an awesome story

Get some hand enhancers so your fingers are 6” around when you shake his hands at church :innocent:

I’ve got narly lineman fingers anyway. When men are on my Petite Nurse practitioner schedule and ask for me to come do their prostate exam, I just laugh at them. Her finger is about the size of a pencil, mine…not so much!

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My dad was a doctor and had HUGE hands. It was a joke around town for 50 years about him and certain exams!

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Let’s just hope that his wife isn’t a “beard”…you may have unknowingly just given him a reason to toss his yellow hankie against us early and often.


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I’m in St. Augustine today. Ran into a 20 something year old with a shorthorn hat. Yelled 3 times hey texass. He ignored me. Prob a good thing since I was going to give him the old downward horn sign.


Just got back from trip to Mexico. Was enjoying my day in a beach chair with a cold one, one of the numerous vendors came up to me to ask if I wanted to go deep sea fishing. He was wearing a TexAss hat and I said not a chance in hell with that ugly ass burnt orange hat on. And he knew I was serious. Asked where I was from, told him Arkansas and he was blocking my views and to take his offer and hat to the other side of the island. Guy sitting in a chair not far away gave me a hard laugh and a toast of his Corona!


Hey Doc,

Tell him if he is flying in for the game on the same plane as the Horns (spit) - like they did in the 60’s and 70’s -

Tell him he gets three fingers


He and wife are doing up from west Monroe with their kids to see the community and campus. Will drive the Pig Trail on the way up.


Wow the pig trail - it’s beautiful and I hope he enjoys it

Best give them a Rx for motion/ sea sickness

Those flatlanders often struggle on the pig trail


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