Funny recruiting story

A senior sent out his highlight film to some schools and he received a scholarship from a small school. All good there but the problem is it was film of him playing on JV. The school never called the school to talk to any of the coaches.

The kid came out pretty good. True story.

You have got to be kidding RD!?!?!?! So he took the scholarship based on your comments? Unreal story!

Slow. Fill me in.

You indicated the kid came out pretty good so I was guessing he accepted the scholarship? If so, unreal.

LOL. Yes he did. Will check with the coach and see how the kid does.

You have to think that staff won’t be too successful.

Yep, due diligence is due an upgrade.

Small schools can give partial scholarships to student-athletes. The young man may only have gotten a partial scholarship.

For example, championship subdivision football has a 63 total scholarship limit, but the 63 scholarships may be spread over 85 student-athletes.

From what I gather he came out very good. I won’t say the amount I was told but very good.

Based simply on how it all happened…he made out like a bandit in my opinion!