Funny recruiting story

As some of you might know, Arkansas GA Taylor Reed was a pretty good QB at El Dorado for his father Scott and helped the Wildcats to a state title. He originally signed with Memphis and played a lot as a freshman before transferring.

During the recruiting process he attended a Mississippi State camp and Dan Mullen really liked him and asked his dad to being Taylor back to a second camp a week or so later. Mullen told Scott that Taylor was one of three QBs they liked and they wanted to bring the three back for the camp and they would take one.

Scott couldn’t make it, but Taylor’s mom took him to Starkville. She was on the phone with Scott much of the time when Taylor and the other two QBs were throwing and was commenting on how well Taylor was throwing, but she admitted one guy was even more impressive than Taylor.

At the end of the day Mullen decided on a QB. His name was Dak Prescott.