Funny Longhorn story for Clay

So one of my best friends is a Longhorn, we went to UT together. Last week we had 3 families together in Costa Rica (which is AWESOME!).

In the Liberia airport, we see a guy wearing a Longhorn hat, so Dave (my Longhorn friend) says “Hookem” and gives the sign. the guy barely gives him a head nod in return, keeps on walking.

And I’m thinking, man that guy must be a jerk, just to blow off someone who loves your team while we are in a foreign country.

You guys all know how we Hog fans greet total strangers whil on vacation, we are instantly high-fiving, acting like we have been best friends for years, like a dadgum homecoming.

But it happens over and over-we see 3 other people in Tamarindo over the week, every time the same thing-Dave says Hoom’em, and gets barely gets a head nod.

I thought of Clay every time. we all know what snobs they are, but I didn’t know they were snobs to each other!


What would you expect from tea-sippers? :smiley: :lol:

Great story! I’m always elated when fellow Hogs approach me when I’m wearing my Hog gear. It’s happened in almost every state (except Alaska the only state I’ve not visited). I’ve had folks all over the Caribbean, Europe, Canada and even Turkey come up to talk about our Hogs.

Another example of why we highly dislike the folks from EOE-A.

I had it happen to me in Alaska last yr., so perhaps that covers you a little.

A lot of folks wearing that shorthorn stuff have no idea it is about the University of Texas. they just wear it.

Happened to me in Paris and Prague this spring!

Met some nice folks from Bee Branch on a boat in Alaska in 2010. We bonded over the St. Louis Cardinals instead of the Hogs though. Probably because I was wearing a Cardinal cap that day.