Funny how things turn out . . .

I was among those bitterly disappointed when Michigan abruptly cancelled their home-and-home series with us a couple of years ago. After all, we’d only played Michigan once (losing to the future GOAT Tom Brady in the Capitol 1 Bowl following the 1998 season), and never at either “The Big House”, or in the state or Arkansas. By then - or, so it was thought - Bielema and company would have recruited/developed a full complement of road graders and the Hogs would be ready to face anyone.

Fast forward to today, and it’s a blessing that Michigan dumped us to pick up a home-and home with one of their on again/off again rivals: Notre Dame. Instead, Arkansas will now play an FCS team (E. Illinois) that they have a much better chance of defeating in a season where wins will likely be hard to find. And, by 2020 (when, ironically, the Razorbacks will start a home-and-home series with Notre Dame as well), perhaps the Hogs will be ready to compete with them.

Technically, two teams replaced Michigan for 2018. Eastern Illinois is playing Arkansas on the date of the canceled game, but Colorado State serves as the Power 5 substitute. The Razorbacks were always going to play an FCS team next season but would not have played Colorado State without Michigan backing out of the agreement.