Funny exchange

I was exchanging DMs on Twitter with a recruit and I wanted to ask when he wanted to make his decision. Well, I sent the DM and didn’t realize auto correct changed decision to sexy until about 2-3 minutes later. Below is the DM.

Thanks. Any idea when you want to make ur sexy?

Needless to say I let him know what happened. What’s your most embarrassing auto correct?

Group of my church staff hit me up in group text about an eagle I made in golf at our club, word had gotten around…
“ It was one of the best shots I’ve ever had” was my text and the o in shots was corrected with an I.
One of the preachers told me and the group Siri autocorrects bc it sees those words often used…oops!
To which I deadpanned, “like usually when I describe your sermons on Sunday!”

I can’t think of one for me, I don’t text much. But my wife once sent a text to her boss asking her if she (the boss) wanted my wife to shut down the office computer. Either auto correct, or hitting the wrong key, the u was changed to an i.

Not “embarrassing”, but it kinda/sorta fits the thread…so I’ll drop this here…

A Catholic Priest, a rabbit and a Protestant Minister all went into a restaurant and sat down at a table. The waiter came over and asked them, “what’ll it be?” The rabbit said “I don’t know…I’m only here because of auto-correct”.

silly rabbit

One of my best friends is also my former pastor. I won’t identify. He sent me a great text.

We were discussing whether or not we were going to fish the next day. I got the generation forecast about 5:15 p.m. and sent him a note that said I’d got clearance from Jean Ann to fish. The pastor’s reply:

I’ll get back to you after sex

I immediately forwarded it to my wife and his wife. It was hilarious. His wife wasn’t sure what was going on. Me neither.

What happened is that he typed “I’ll get back to you in a sec” but it changed it to “after sex.” I don’t know what he had to do, but he did get to fish with me the next day. Hilarious.

Love to fish as much as anyone but some things are much more appealing…:wink:

Usually your phone remembers words after you’ve text before after a few letters. I’m sure this isn’t the case here. :roll_eyes:

Meg and I usually let one another know when the other leaves the house so the other will know the last time Sam and Reuben had a bathroom break.

I was leaving the house when she was at work and meant to text Just left the house and somehow it read Judy left the house.

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I have accidentally typed an “i” instead of the “o” in the word “shot” and caught it many times during the proof read. The two letters are next to each other on the keyboard,

I bet that is a mistyping issue and not an autocorrect issue.

After a summer of playing softball and texting teammates some colloquial texts, the auto-correct didn’t realize the school year had restarted. My dean was greatly amused by the auto-correct. “Pick” turned into “beyotch” (I’ll let you figure that one out). “Shot” and “Sheet” somehow change as well.

The close relative of the auto-correct is the “matching first name” text, thinking you sent it to “Clay Smith” and instead it goes to “Clay Henry”. About 4x in the past two years I’ve had to crawfish - once with my son’s baseball coach, twice with my wife, and once with my sister. Oh boy.

I despise typing so I voice text everything and have Luckily saved myself from quite a few embarrassing texts… something about voice texting likes to replace the P with a D and I’ll just leave it that :joy::joy:

Turned auto-correct off so I’ve got nothing. Always thought it did more harm than good. The evidence is solidly in favor of that opinion. It does at least provide some amusement.

I assume Euro means you’re in Europe? If so, where?

When I first signed up in 1997 I was working as a civilian for the Army on a small post in Buedingen, Germany, thus the name. We moved to Johnson City, TN in 2001 and I retired from civil service in 2006 and moved back to Fayetteville. In 2014 I retired completely.

Gotcha. Congrats on retirement.

Thanks. It’s been fun, but this virus has put a kink in it. Getting my fill of it, sure I’m not alone there.

Amen. Hopefully the vaccine happens and this time next year we have normalcy.

Hopeful, as well. First one who says _____ normal should be banned!