Fund raising calls?

I was just told by someone with first hand information that as of this morning calls were being placed to a handful of BIG money donors requesting “emergency funding” in regard to the coaching search. No idea what that means but wouldn’t see the need for either BLJ or Drink. I hope it means something good but We’ve been let down so many times it’s hard to get excited.

If true, you’re correct. That would point to a Power 5 coach IMO

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Even they are in panic mode

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Unfortunately that was the interpretation of the person who was called

Hmmm, we may be returning the middle finger to the OM fans. I’m sure Kiffin hasn’t yet signed, since he’s had the game today. That would be fun.

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That would be hilarious

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I’d love nothing more than that

Do we really want Kiffin that badly? Based on his track record, has he really proven to be that great of a HC? Was somewhat relieved that he was going to OM & that they were being stuck with the big bill tab & his reoccurring baggage.

He’s a very good HC and a better recruiter , big loss

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I was told they placed a “morality clause” in his (Kiffin) potential contract and things just blew up. Therefore, it may have nothing to do with more money.

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Assumed that was why the Leach meeting might not have gone so well.

That is typical of our holier-than-thou administration. We want a preacher, not a football coach. We need to get out of the SEC if we are not willing to get down and dirty with the rest of these SOB’s.

If that was the case, I don’t blame Lane Kiffin for snubbing us. That was a stupid decision and may have cost us a good coach. Hunter Yurachek may just quietly pack his suitcase and haul out of here after this mess is over if that is true.



Just for the record, HY has been standardizing all of the contract language for coaches at the UA. I believe they all have a morality clause. When you have Tito, Motorcycle Boy, and a few other situations, you’ve got to have language like that. And as long as it’s consistent across the board then it’s not directed toward the individual.

To hell with Kiffin, he has been at FAU for 3 years, for a reason.