Fun year!

This team, especially Kopps, was so fun to watch. Obviously wish it had ended differently but, man, that was a fun season. Very sorry for the kids and staff.



Hope we have a deeper pitching staff next year. Lack of quality starters really handicapped us.


Yep. Swore to myself that if this happened I wouldn’t be better. It was a fun year. I think we really played above our level all year.


A lot of very fun wins. If we had one of those Vanderbilt starters to add to our team we would have been closer to 60 wins and probably won a NC. Think DVH did a great job with this team considering we really did not have a typical 3 starter rotation.

He is a top 5 coach and to suggest he be fired is laughable.

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Great season. One of the top baseball programs in America.

We fans need to realize that as bad as we feel right now, the team (including coaches and support staff) and their families feel much worse.

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and to suggest he be fired is laughable.
So who’s suggesting then?

Yes great year and there were many times i wished we would lose so we could taste it. The whole come from behind thing double edged because it can make you think you can always chill and come back.

Just my opinion, i was only hoping for them to get CWS and not bounced…very disappointed but very proud of them.

This team was among the best in Razorback baseball history. They won an SEC Championship and an SEC Tournament Championship, never losing a series in the SEC all year. They were superb.

These players and coaches will remember all this as they grow older, just not today.

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