Fun Watching Ladybacks

I’ve really enjoyed keeping up with them this weekend. Our coach has them trending i. The right direction plus he’s adding more talent next year.

This reminds me of my college days at LA Tech when Leon Barmore had all those final 4 teams, all the buzz around women’s hoops. I remember him sending those girls up to the intramural courts in the fall for “practice” against some guys for pickup games. Venus Lacy…the All American Center that was a rough woman to play against. Wish I could run and jump again like I could in 1988! We were spoiled in Ruston watching those great girls teams, then the administration botched Kim Mulkey and let her slip away to Baylor and we now see how that turned out. I’m pretty sure A&M coach and MSU coach came thru the Barmore tree.

There’s just something pure about watching the girls game. But don’t be fooled…bc these gals can play. Good luck Ladybacks today! It’s a joy watching you! Wished I lived close enough to watch you in person.

We found us a good one in Mike Neighbors. He has really improved this team in the short time he has been here. It is an amazing transformation, really. Great job coach.

Dammit I wish yall would stop calling them Ladybacks. That’s insulting to our fine group of women athletes. They are Razorbacks through and through. They don’t play in white gloves or play three in the front court and three in the back court like in the bad old days. Now that my rant is over I got a question for ya. Whatcha gonna do when you need a three? Pick up that phone and call Alexis… Tole Free!

It’s about the attitude and motivation. He encourages them to play hard and take the shots. Sometimes they go in sometime they don’t. They have had some poor shooting nights when the ball just didn’t go in. The shots have been falling this week for them and they have played tough defense. They wore down Texas A&M and beat them at their own game.
He has changed the teams attitude and expectations. He is a winner.
One of the best hires by Jeff Long!

You got me on the Ladybacks yesterday and yes if we need a 3 just dial up “Tollfree”. That’s pretty good.

Yes it was a good hire by Long I wished he would have done that good in men’s track

He messed that one up pretty bad.
I’d say he hired a good softball coach as well. Thankfully he didn’t have to hire a baseball coach. His football hires didn’t knock any doors down either.
Overall he had a few good and a few bad ones. What I don’t like about him the most he took care of his own contract and the coaches contract and to heck with the school. Just another “me” deal! I’m glad he’s gone. But giving him credit for Coach Neighors is the right thing to do.

From reading (not hearing you say) your post, can’t tell if it’s tongue in cheek or serious. I know SF gets his pants all in a wad about this, but don’t know about you.

Yes - I know they officially changed the name 10-15 years ago (whenever it was). But, here’s a news flash - I don’t care! In no way do I see it as an “insult” or condescending to occasionally refer to one of the lady’s teams as the “LadyBacks”. To me, it’s just one of many “nick names” for our female athletes, one I use with respect and admiration. To be honest, I ALWAYS thought of our lady’s teams as “Razorbacks”, even when (I suppose) their official name was “LadyBacks”. And, today, I still know they are the Razorbacks.

Actually, the reason I use that term the most, thinking about it, is that it immediately avoids confusion with their male counterparts, as in “what time is the basketball game today?”, or “when is the next game?”, or “I see the Razorbacks are ranked 20th”. If you just say “the Razorbacks play tomorrow at 6 PM”, that doesn’t say which team (mens or womens) it is.

This whole subject kind of reminds me of when the Hogs (male) were frequenetly referred to as “the Porkers”. I never saw that as a derogatory term or description - as with LadyBacks, it was just a nick-name and I never thought there was anything wrong with it. But I’ve noticed/heard over the years that some fans took umbrage at it, and you rarely if ever see/hear it now.

Bottom line - it’s NO big deal. It’s just another way to refer to our teams - like Hogs. I guess I could say “womens basketball game”, but I prefer (sometimes) to say LadyBacks. Everyone knows what and who you mean.

It probably isn’t a big deal Wiz, but it is a pet peeve of mine. Like supposedly professional broadcasters who can not pronounce Mississippi State correctly. They all seem to miss the middle i-s. Now don’t get me wrong, there is a place in this world for ladies. I like ladies. I wish the woman I was married to for twenty years had been more of one. However, the rough and tumble world of big time college basketball is no place for a lady. As the great Larry Johnson’s sister might have said to Jimmy Dykes, " Coach, you need to find some women." Likewise, there is only one sport where gentlemanly behavior is acceptable during competition. That is why Centenary has never been good in any sport other than golf. And what does Centenary call their women’s teams anyway? Lady Gentlemen? I dunno and don’t really care.

I can understand a sport specific variation on Razorbacks, such as Gymbacks. I do not however, want to diminish in any way the fact that our women basketball players are 100% Razorbacks. I won’t belabor the point any further and you can all feel free to call them what you like. As for me and my family, we will call them Razorbacks!

More and more talent coming in. Big plus Amber Ramirez will be playing for us. 5 star all-american. :smiley:

This story on Lady Razorback recruiting had Lady Razorbacks in it, but my editors change it. … r-rising-/

Men’s track is just fine. Buckham has won a national championship or two. The thing about track is with three sports, you can load up on athletes for one and to heck with the other two. Florida isn’t going to win cross country but they’re loaded for outdoors. Northern Arizona and Colorado load up for cross country. We expect to do well in all three and he has to recruit for that. Even yesterday, ranked 31st coming into the meet, we wound up tied for 13th in the nation. I only wish some of our sports could sniff national top 15.