fun to watch last night

last night was one of the best games the hogs have played on the road in a long time. granted, colorado state is no powerhouse, i think they had lost 4 in a row, but doesn’t matter. we came our aggressive and confident.

someone posted earlier that its nice to have basketball players that are athletic. this team has good basketball iq, something we’ve lacked at times in the past. we are long, good sized guards and forwards, and the defense for the most part has been very disruptive. it is fun to watch.

congrats to coach anderson, he seems to be putting this team together nicely. bench is coming on, guys seem to know their roles. was great to see embrey simpson fill it up offensively. his defense has been very good all year, another threat to score now. and to think, we still have learning to do, we will only get better. i thought the cbs announcers were very complimentary of us rightfully so. don’t know if any stayed up late enough to watch their studio post game report but nice to hear good things about our team.

opponents may have to learn the hard way, double down on gafford and we will make you pay. CSU concentrated on gafford last night and we didn’t force it, other guys stepped up big time.

just a fun game to watch, impressed. go hogs

Had very similar thoughts about the announcers. Truly a pleasure to watch that game, and the announcers were up to it.

CSU is no powerhouse, but the one thing that had me a little concerned was their last game at CU where they lost by only 6. They have a couple of players. Not a bad win at all.