Fun rules loophole

Ken Pomeroy wrote about this a year ago at The Athletic; I just found it.

You’re up three in the closing seconds, you have the possession arrow and the other team is in the bonus. Some coaches will foul, and that strategy works, but occasionally it backfires. It backfired against Purdue in the 2019 Elite Eight; Virginia missed the second shot, the rebound was backtapped over midcourt, the UVa guard got it and fired a 50-foot pass to his big to set up a short jumper that forced overtime, which UVa won. And went on to win the natty.

But there is a way to prevent that possibility: Intentional lane violations. Which are waved off if they make the free throw. Step into the lane every time, he either misses and has to shoot again, or he makes it and you get possession (if he misses the rim, which is also a violation, you get possession because you have the arrow; same if the shooting team also commits a lane violation).

It’s been tried before, and never went very long because the shooter eventually made the shot. But it would have prevented what happened to Purdue. There is nothing in the rulebook to prevent it, but Pomeroy says some refs have cut that off by threatening to call a technical foul for the intentional violation.

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