Fun lunch

I had a terrific lunch today with Jim Lindsey, Louis Campbell, Tom Sanders, Bill Burnett Ron Wey, Jim Watson and H.D. McCarty. They billed it as my retirement lunch. All are retired. I found out retired folks laugh a lot and lunch lasts 2 hours or more. I think I’m going to like these.

HD prayed for us. He asked for a blessing upon the new retired guy. Don’t know how I could be more blessed.

In last month Sarah has been hired as a new vice principal and Becca has a new job at Baxter Regional Medical Center (PR) after a great run at Proctor & Gamble.


You tell any fishing stories Clay?

Louis and I did. Yes.

Freakin awesome.

Lunch with old friends is special. We had a monthly lunch with about 10 buddies prior to Covid. This reminds me to get that going again.

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We have a group of ladies from my high school graduating class that get together for lunch every other month. We took time off, but we’ve started up again. It’s a fun time.

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Great to see you enjoying Retirement!

How is Jim Lindsey doing, Clay. I haven’t seen him in several years, but I heard he’s had some major health issues. I hope he’s doing okay. A great guy.

He is an icon. Enjoyed being with him yesterday.

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I have seen him at a few of the Hawgs Illustrated Sports Club lunches.

Good to hear. Maybe he’s doing better than I’d been led to believe.

I always considered Jim a good friend. I’ve stayed as a guest in one of their corporate apartments some & joined him in his box at Baum a couple of times in the past few years, but I haven’t seen him or talked to him in quite a while. All I know is that I was told he’d been struggling over the past few years.

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