Fun Little Note on the FL Game Tonight

I flew home from MSP tonight. There was a TV in each of the seat backs in front of you. I hardly ever pay any attention. Often my arm hits the control on the arm rest and it just flips through channels without ever looking. I noticed it happening several times on the flight. As we started into DEN, it went on another episode of which I paid no attention, but when I looked up, there were the Hogs coming to bat in the 9th and leading by 3 I think. All of a sudden, the TV became very interesting to me as I got to see the Hogs score in a big way during that last at bat. That was fun. We got to the gate before the bottom of the 9th, but was able to check the final as I got on the parking lot shuttle.

It is always great to fly home, but that made it very special!


Yes sir I have always enjoyed return flights home! There’s no place like home! I hope you had a good trip and glad you made it home safe. God bless you!

Thank you. Very good trip to the Mid-West, made so much better watching The Hogs beat the soup out of the lizards as we landed. Off to SK next week and hope to come home to the same type Hog win.

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