Fun, frustrating and Interesting to Watch

I watch and wonder how they are going to score, but do unless they turn it over (happens far too much unforced) or take a crazy shot. They play amazing, in your face defense leaving very few uncontested shots.

They opened both halves playing solid on both ends building nice leads. Then they started turning the ball over and taking some ill advised shots. That gave up most of their leads. Then Muss seemed to get them together and remind them how they built those leads.

Devo plays very hard and can really get after it on defense, but on offense, he needs to slow down just a half a count. He can be a wonderful player and I suspect he will. JD use to drive me crazy being out of control, but Muss seems to have gotten to him on how to still be aggressive, but more under control. He seems to understand the situation much better now. What can be said about J-will? The guy gets it done with a smile on his face and he is just learning the game. The two transfers are just playing very solid.

All in all, I am amazed at how this team has developed. I fear they lack a little to be able to play with KY and similar teams, but I would not bet against them.

What will all of this mean in March? There is no way to know right now, but with the right draw, I could see a sweet 16. To get that draw, they are going to have to win and keep winning to include a surprise win during this upcoming stretch.


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