Fun fact!

Excluding last year (no NCAA tournament), Arkansas has never won a game in the SEC tournament and failed to make the NCAA tournament.

Also, Arkansas has never failed to win a game in the SEC tournament and made it to the Big Dance.

Strange that Muss could disrupt these two certainties in just two seasons as coach. FWIW, I hope he does not. It wasn’t his fault the tourney was cancelled last year. Many times we would have made the tournament had we not won a SEC tourney game but still we did! Kinda crazy but interesting I thought. ghg

Last year we needed to win two more in the SECT to make the tournament. That would mean winning three games in three days with our short bench. Odds were against us. In fact cancellation of the tournament probably helped keep Muss’s record clean.

Muss got to keep one streak going last year. 20 wins each year at the college level.

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Like our chances vs South Carolina and LSU with Joe back but definitely had work to do. ghg

What does that even mean…keep Muss’s record clean?

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Probably did not word it appropriately. But what I meant to say is that Muss was on a three year streak of making the tournament. And with making the tournament this year, the streak is now at 4.

I am saying since the tournament was cancelled last year, that year does not count. I am further saying if the tournament wars held last year, odds were that Arkansas doesn’t make it and that streak would or could have been broken.

I don’t remember it that way, but my memory is not the greatest. The way I remember it was that Lunardi had us in the group of last 4 byes. But that we would have to win one game in the tournament to stay on the right side of the bubble.

We were playing well toward the end the regular season, so I felt comfortable that we would at least be a “play in” 11 or 12 seed team if we went 1 and 1 in the tourney. I don’t remember who we were playing, but I do remember feeling confident we would be a pretty heavy favorite to win that first game.

Edit: oops, I forgot we had already won our first game against Vandy. So I guess we would maybe have needed a win in our next game.

For what it’s worth, we were in the mid-40s in both NET and RPI when the 2020 season shut down, which is extremely bubbly. We weren’t getting much love at Bracket Matrix, named on only two of 97 brackets on the final matrix. Would a win over SoCar have gotten us in? Doubtful, but we’ll never know.

That is why I said the streak could have been broken. We will never know.

But my recollection is that we needed to make the semis of SECT to be in, because that would have included beating one of the top 4 seeds. That meant two more wins.

I figured they were going to win one more in Nashville last year and make it interesting. Like this year, the Hogs seemed to be getting better at tournament time. Heck, they might have won the SEC tournament.

IIRC, that is why Muss was crying last year when the SEC tourney was cancelled. According to the data he had at the time, one more win would have put us in the field

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