I just love it. Long time reader second time poster. Heckuva lot better than uncommon. Let’s go

I want a Razorback Tee Shirt: Full Tilt Boogie, over a slobbering Hog, under the Hog, Hammer Down.

Or, Left Lane on top and Pedal To The Metal on the bottom.

Slobber hog or helmet hog, either would work. But please, no front facing red-wolf wanna-be.

woo pig SOOIE

Well, if we are going to play as fast as CM says, it has to be a Slobbering Hog!

" Ricky Bobby " says i want to go Fast !

WPS ! I love this hire !

Going fast only works if you get to the destination. Which means winning. Otherwise we’re back in the mode of losing 52-45. I’ve had all too much of that for the past two years. I have no objection to scoring a lot of points, as long as the other team doesn’t score more.

It’s not directly related, but I keep thinking back to the Hog secondary under Lou Holtz, when a veteran player was asked about a speedy but inexperienced teammate (I could provide names, but I won’t). He said that 4.4 speed just got him to the wrong place sooner. A speedy three and out just gets us to the wrong place faster.