Full recap of Arkansas' loss at Texas

Eric Musselman anticipated weeks ago that the Razorbacks would have some eye-opening experiences this preseason and early in the regular season.

They had their first one Saturday at Texas. Full recap with thoughts from Musselman and Chris Beard:

I was there. We clearly have lots of talent.

Many of our players have been told they are great up until now, but have not played together at high D1 level together.

This team capable of being great.

Must get mentally and physically stronger.

And must get used to playing guys as good as them and proving they are better.

Lots to like.

And love what Jordan Walsh brings on D and percerverence


Yes, clearly a really nice collection of individual talent that isn’t anywhere close to playing as a team. It’s going to take a while, probably a long while in fact, for the individual working parts to function as a single unit. Which means it’s very likely we will see at least a few more ugly beatdowns like today, especially early in the season. So brace yourselves Razorback fans……

I think we will be fine. I never liked playing this game, and you all know I said so beforehand. That said, we won’t play anybody as good as Texas until we get to Maui.

Maybe this beatdown today will keep us from having our “normal” losing streak around Finals, the NLR game, and the start of SEC play. I sure hope so.

Make no mistake, we have as much, or more, talent as anyone in the country…including Texas. Muss just has to mold this immense individual talent into a cohesive, and deadly, TEAM. I wouldn’t bet against him.


Nope, not betting against the guy with 2 back to back elite 8s

despite today, I’m certain this will be Muss’ best team at Arkansas so far

just got to work out the kinks

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I hope we get it together before Maui.

I don’t have the same feeling as it being that easy to fix it. First. I doubt he lands on his Seven guys that quickly. So it’s going to take time to give guys their chances in games. They are talented just not fundamentally sound in their tendencies or ability to play the system consistently. Giving up 90 tells you that.

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Waui is only three weeks away. Lots of experience on some of those teams.