Full capacity at RRS

Fun to see the hype. But a few shots seem to show a half empty stadium - in a hype video about full capacity.

Rare oversight from a normally solid production group.

First, Matt, or someone, had a number earlier of on our renewals. I believe it was around 30-32K, I’ll try to find the post. Second, log on and try to buy season tickets by seats, you can find vast areas of unsold lower level tickets, it isn’t rocket science. Lastly, I talk with my personal ticket representative from time to time, and they indicate that it’s slow.

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Well, the shots from the games last year would be rather empty, any shots from Morris era would be half full at best, too. They’d have to use old footage from before the NEZ expansion to show a full,stadium, lol.

with technology today they could use computer generated crowds to show a fully packed stadium much like Fox did last year when televising the Saturday MLB Game of the Week

Last full house at RRS was probably the LSU game in 2016, but they didn’t stay there long (LSU kicked our butts). Florida and OM games that year were full and rocking, particularly the OM game.

The last sellout in Fayetteville was for the TCU game in 2017.

Yeah, and that one didn’t go well either.

I think they called the TCU game in 2017 a “sellout”, but it appeared a little short of that.

I’m going for the Rice game, and Texas too

How are ticket sales for Texas?

Season ticket sales leave a lot of good seats available. It will be interesting to see what kind of packages they do for single or multi-game type deals.

I was there. Pretty full but the huge lines at the concessions will never be forgotten. Another Long issue.

Then we lose. Hot day. Stand in line for 1 quarter to get drinks. Sigh…

Lines at concession stands are a norm at sporting events these days. Once they opened it up to full capacity, you missed an inning or two getting something at Baum. It’s probably the future, but not having enough water/ice is unforgivable.

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A friend of mine had a discussion with one of those responsible for concessions at Baum-Walker Stadium. She expressed strong disappointment in the fact that the right field stand was never open during the regionals or supers. Whether it will make any difference in future years is questionable.

I’m pretty sure it was open for the Super, or maybe the heat had me confused on where I was. :crazy_face:

They will never be alleviated completely, but the new professional stadiums are figuring out some of the restroom and concession issues. I went to a game at the new Globe Life Field in Arlington over the weekend and one of the features at some of the concession stands was a mobile pickup.

There were also enough restrooms that you could get in and out quickly. The restroom issue needs to be addressed at Baum.

According to an email I received from the ticket office today, ticket demand is “extremely high” for the Texas game and it is “highly unlikely” single-game tickets will be available in the lower bowl.

Did they give any indication of when single game or mini-plan tickets might go on sale?

Don’t know for sure, my guess is the middle/end of July. They start selling SW Classic tickets to RF members today, going down the donor levels until they open it up to the general public on July 12th.

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