Fuente is available

Virginia won the game and the division title, VT’s regular season is over. If he’s on Yurachek’s list, he’s now able to talk.

Available as the V T Coach who finally lost to Virginia after 15 years.

Are you sold on him being the guy? WPS

I hope he gives us the silent treatment.

Based on the VT game today, he should be available - just not for us. Disappointing!

I think Hunter likes him.

I may be crazy but we need to hire Leach.

His first offensive series at Washington was impressive just now.

Leach would immediately excite base and put butts in seats.

Seems some BOT don’t want him and I know he has some baggage, but he would win and BOT last hired CCM so it should keep its nose down and let AD work

Hire Fuente. Announce it Monday.

Hire the best coach. And the best man. Someone that wasn’t fired by a major university for mistreatment of student athletes.

I have changed my mind about Fuente. If he is man enough to come in here and try to straighten out this mess…bring him on.

I don’t want Leach. Just don’t think he is the answer. Fuente is someone I can get behind. Norvell is high on my list. Hoping HY shocks us all.

Yuracheck’s decision wont be based on one game.

I don’t have any idea who the next Head Hog will be but he has his work cut out for him! This juvenile recreation center called a football team needs a hard nosed coach to bust them into to shape! For those that don’t comply send em packing.
Fuentes, Kiffin but no Leach.

If you are looking for a hard a** I think Campbell, Fuente, and Leach all fit the bill.

And I agree it’s needed.

We need a hard azz just like Wilson Matthews.

Would be ok with Campbell, Kiffin, Norvell, or Fickell.

Neither Fuente nor Leach would do much for us, and their games today were indicative of that.

Who ever it is that coach will need time!
Not 2 or 3 but 4 years to build a team.
Progress each year is what we need to see. Morris completed the tear down!
With the players left after the transfer portal blows up wide open some of these players may realize no one wants the poor attitudes that can be seen out of them on film.
Develop players and get back to the basis that what is in store for us.
Patience will be required we have to stop changing coaches like we change our socks.

Washington State finished 11 and 2 last year and #10 in the country. They will be bowl eligible this year. One game does not a career make. I would take Leach in a heart beat. All he has done is win in Lubbock and Pullman.

We need stability, fuente is very stable!

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We don’t want a coach that just got upset by Virginia and whose school would be elated to see him go.

Fuente is good of course hard to get excited about as someone to unite fan base, and was being roundly criticized earlier this season.

He’s safe and vanilla.

While he may not win a press conference he does look like he could still play and likely could get in some grills.

WTH, vtech has direction, we are in a free fall, one game Has no weight!