FT shooting not the cause for the loss

With all the talk of FT shooting, decided to look at the stats. Because I recalled WKU missing FTs too. Looking at the stats, Hogs missed exactly one less FT than WKU. That is pretty much neutral. I don’t see how you can pin the loss on one missed free throw.

My take is

Coming home from Colorado State game at 5 am on Thursday made the team low in energy level. Has anyone caught a red eye from the West Coast and see what happens over the next two days to the energy level? Granted these are not 40 and 50 year olds and it should affect them less, but it still does some.

Then after they got an 8 point first half lead, they came out in the second half with “we got this one” attitude with their defensive guard down, allowing many lightly defended shots. And coincidentally WKU (especially Savage and Hollingsworth) got red hot.

To their credit, they fought back but as someone said, they made it a tight game that it should not have been.

And then in a tight one possession game, anything can happen.

And it did.

The late trip from Ft Collins may have caused some low energy but the poor free throw shooting by the hogs is an epidemic and fact! That alone will cause the hogs to get beat a lot.
The poor defense and non existent bench better not continue. You can lucky and win with poor shooting but you better always show up with solid defense.
Not having the 3rd ref hurt the hogs several times during the game.
Having role players taking bad shots and attempting to do more than what they are capable of outside of the normal flow hurt as well.

We can all find faults when the hogs get beat. It’s fun to win and it stinks to get beat. This young teams still learning how to win.

I agree. I was more concerned with energy level than free throw shooting. THe lack of energy led to standing around on offense too much - no aggressivenss and as physical as WKU’s defense was, we should have been to line more than 16 times-not blaming refs., few offensive boards, poor rotation on defense, etc. We were off our game by a quarter of a step and it cost us. It happens and will happen again this season.

However, I am not concerned with free throw shooting at this point, but it has to improve and I suspect it will.

My point wasn’t that the FT shooting does not need to improve. It was about the WKU game only.

We missed multiple free throws. Joe, a very good shooter, missed three. Do you really think if he hits those we still lose?

FT’s were a factor. We also hit one less 3pt than they did. If we hit that, we win.

Did fatigue factor in? I think so, but you can’t say Missing FT’s weren’t a reason we lost. It was. Oh, and if both teams hit 100% FT’s we tie, so a missed FT did cost us the game.

I couldn’t care less about what the other team shot from the free-throw line; they’ll have to work on their own issues. But I do care about Arkansas’ free-throw shooting, and as a team, we’ve been abysmal to this point. Seeing how we lost by one, then one more made free throw would have made a difference, and two might have equaled a W. The loss isn’t all on foul shooting, but we cannot dismiss it as not being a reason.

Sure if Joe hits those two free throws, we win. That means rest of the game plays out exactly the way it played out and WK players miss all the shots they missed. But is that realistic?

I tend to look at overall stats and see which stat was worse for us in the game and then that is the area to blame. In this game, it was most certainly FG%, which suggests we defended significantly worse than they did.

We did not play well enough to win, ref,free throws,defense take your pick, cheap lesson I think, you have to show up every night or else. Lot of talent how we come together better after the break. WPS

I agree it was a bit of everything


I partially agree with you post. However, I would say that they put the brakes on early in the first half after they got the big lead the first 6-8 minutes of the game. It’s almost like they said to themselves, “Ah, we got this. Let’s coast home.” And they were never able to regain the same they had at the first of the game.