Frustrating to watch a Mike Neighbors coached team

So lacking in fundamentals, if these girls had a coach they could have gone deep in the NCAA tourney instead of missing it

you do realize Neighbors went to a Final Four with Washington?they haven’t been back to the tournament since he left there to come home…plus…we dont have a 6’6" player whos a true post player…so who would you replace him with realistically?,do you want Jimmy Dykes back?

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I’m not advocating replacing him yet,
but who recruited this team?

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He went to the Final 4 because he had Kelsey Plum on that team, she was so good that even his bad coaching couldn’t prevent her from being the best woman to play BB in a long time. He can recruit but he can’t coach

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He seems to be so proud of playing in state teams so as to promote and “Improve Women’s BAsketball in the state.”

Yet, it’s impossible to see any improvement in any D1 Women’s team in our state since he started that practice.

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It’s painfully obvious that his style differs greatly from any of the elite teams and that we do not measure up. Lack of bigs, rebounding, and other fundamentals as many have noted. The ladies won’t ever be relevant under this system. Nothing personal against coach. Just the way it is.

It seems like the same system same results year after year.

Yep. They’re coming in as 4 and 5 stars, and leaving as 2 stars.

Same story as another coach that came home, never reached the level he reached at his previous stop and the previous stop hasn’t reached that level since he left. Coming home is not a thing to do in coaching.


I think Roy Williams might disagree. And Chris Beard was doing nicely until he decided to choke his fiancee.

Mike is a joy to visit with and he certainly has good coaching results/credentials. I question a couple of his gals being 5* recruits. I have reason to believe in women’s basketball girls over 6’4” get rated higher because of their their height. I love our two big gals. I have family that knows Dauda and think the world of her. Anyway I hope she proves me wrong.


True, but that’s not Mike’s fault, and he would have been raked over the coals if he’d let Jersey and Dauda get away regardless. We’ve lost enough top recruits to UConn and other places.

I noticed Jersey actually going to the hole with some success yesterday (too little too late, but still). I’m like where has that been for two years?

There is one coach at UA who has taken a team to the Final Four and it isn’t Eric Musselman. Getting to the Final Four is a bit of a crapshoot; there’s only one team going to Houston who had to beat a 1 seed to do it. But it’s still an accomplishment, even if you had the all-time leading scorer in women’s hoops (who Mike recruited).

Exactly Jeff. He would have been scalped if they didn’t come. It’s frustrating for sure. I’ve hardly watched them this year. I watch almost every game of my niece’s daughter at Tulsa.

Good point. Maybe it is not good if you are named Mike. :grinning:

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