First off, Coach Anderson WILL be the coach next season. So let’s not go there. Is the season going well? No. Are we young? Yes. But as the season goes forward, that excuse is getting old. Do we have the athletes to run Anderson’s style? Some. But not enough. Is our three point defense, rebounding, and half court game awful? Yes!!! So why doesn’t coach Anderson adjust to fit his teams talent level? If I knew, I’d scream it from the roof tops. One of Anderson’s Achilles’ Heel’s is that he is married to this up tempo system and is going to run it come hell or high water. Has he missed on recruiting? Again yes. As I stated in another post, Anderson gambles on unknown recruits too much. Yes, He occastionally strikes gold (Qualls), but more often just strikes out. It also doesn’t help that we are in a geographical area that is a bit secluded, and that other programs use this fact to thier advantage. But some of those same coaches take short cuts, or flat out cheat. Kansas is just the latest to get caught with thier hands in the cookie jar. Will the NCAA go after them? NO!!! Will they go after Arizona or the other cash cows? Hell NO!!! So I understand all the frustration. But Karma is a cruel mistress. They WILL get thiers someday. Hopefully Anderson will get a few more players in the spring that will fit his system and mesh with the rest of the team. Not saying give him forever, but just a little more time. Not telling you to “Shut up and be patient” either. You guys have a right to your opinions and should experess them on this board.

/In second sentence tells board participants to “not go there” in regards to the head coach’s job status

//ends rambling diatribe saying board participants have a right to their opinion (thanks by the way) and should post them on this board

Pretty good post, well came full circle anyway.

I’m frustrated with the lack of defense the hogs play! Poor decisions that cost possessions. Walking, Harris, Gabe and Adrio took 5 3’s. No rebounding effort put forth by failing to block out and get the pumpkin.
Find A player like Derek Hood that will rebound and play hard nosed defense.
Get some bangers to play down low. Punish a team that beats up on our big man. Find a point guard that can score from all levels.
Stop playing down to the competition. Demand discipline by the players on the court. Faster 40 is just a slogan!

Sorry for being level headed and realistic hog2009. And the ends DON’T justify the means in regards to cheating.

losing in football and round ball gets old year after year.Alot of people are not doing their jobs very well.

Well, the answer is we are recruiting the best that can be expected having the Hog teams in Fayetteville…