Front page of the Oxford paper

I think that’s an exceptionally good picture of Bucky. It certainly captures the way I like to envision him. :smiley:

Great headline!

And isn’t it great that they used a picture from a loss? (I’m enjoying this way too much.)

He had that same sad sad face after Hunter’s toss.

I love it!!!1

Wealth and winning at any cost leads to wrath once again for a head coach. The only question is who will be next to ruin their career in college sports. Hope he learns from his mistakes and can move forward in a positive way. WPS

I’ve been visiting a MSU board for a couple of years to keep up with what is going on with Ole Miss. There is a female poster that has been talking about this for a long time and said something was going to break. The Nutt lawsuit made it happen quick. Her complaint is that Ole Miss was using the escorts for recruits and many times the recruits were under 18. As a Mom, she was pissed.

The cash and sex was too much for a teenager to refuse. Now, Bucky might have been screening these escorts, however. :wink:

Quality control…he was a hands on type of coach! :lol:

I think they were using them for recruits. I don’t know why everyone accepts–bc a bunch of liars and cheaters at OM say it–that they were personal calls for Freeze.

He made several million dollars a year and there are lots of rumors that he has had mistresses for years.

So, why would he need to call out-of-state escort services?

OM has recruited blue chip athletes far and wide for the last few years and they’re on seemingly every recruit’s short list.

What is an easier recruiting enticement to hide–personal services paid for by a school or booster or straight cash payments?

This seems obvious to me. A mistress doesn’t get Freeeze fired–not after all the stuff they defended.

But, proof of hiring escorts (that could be uncovered) is. They were all just VERY quick to point out it was Freeze calling for Freeze and it had nothing to do with NCAA stuff.

Call me a cynic. I just think it makes much more sense that it involved recruiting rather than Freeze, personally.

Bucky’s last escort at Ole Miss was from his office… something tells me it’s not going to be his last escort moving forward.

I totally agree. I’m sure there is more this story. Stay tuned.

Why was Tiger Woods bumping uglies with a Perkins waitress?

Because he can.

I don’t think it’s out of the question for Freeze to have been calling the hookers both for personal use & recruiting use. However, I think if he were using them for recruits, we’d have heard that before now. Regardless, I’m curious about what the NCAA turns up.

Yeah I think it is fairly obvious it was for personal use.