From what the heck department

A father told me his son was measured two inches taller at a recent college football camp vs the previous camp they attended.

I’ve said several times you can go to five camps and get five different measurements. That’s what I told the father after he said his son was measured quite bit shorter than what they believe he is.

He laughed when he told me the latest measurement and said you were right.

Haha unbelievable.

But did he have his shoes on?

Saw Moses Moody was measured at 6-4 1/2 without shoes at the NBA Combine and 6-6 with shoes.

Sources says he intends to play with shoes on in the NBA.


Mere speculation and rumor.

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Well, he is from Arkansas…might want to perpetuate a stereotype and play barefoot.

In college I came unprepared and did perpetuate the stereotype by playing barefoot. I and my multiple blisters do not recommend that.

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