From TT Bowens of Central Conn

Props to the Baum Squad.

Bowens has some talent. Nice coimments.

They beat Cal and witnessed the Hog madness, nice of them to acknowledge and they got some new fans on this side of the fence.

I heard some of the CCSU players found themselves in the Hog Pen Saturday night. Anyone see them?

I was very imprressed with that young even before this,he can flat out play and looked like a bigtime player and wish him the best going forward

They were the ones yelling at Josh and Johnny, TCU’s LF and CF. :lol:

I looked over there at one point and saw a line of guys leaving the front row of the hogpen. I noticed they had tags on and at first thought maybe football recruits. Reading on twitter on the way home I saw the story of the CCSU players. People in the hogpen gave up their seats in the front for them to sit there. They cheered and called the hogs along with the fans.

What a class act this team was! A far cry from the DBU fans last year.

The deal is that the left fielder and center fielder had heard the taunts from the Hog Pen on Friday afternoon. Instead of looking mad, they seemed to embrace them. Some how they were told there was room in the Hog Pen for them Saturday night. By the time they were done out there, they had learned how to call the Hogs.