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That is a crazy story … and it doesn’t even include a lot of details.

I remember his name and that the Razorbacks recruited him but I can’t recall any of the details.

I remember that weekend well. Arkansas played Michigan in basketball that afternoon on CBS, it was Mike Anderson’s first season. The football recruits all showed up coming out of the tunnel behind the basket to get to their seats shortly before tip off. The student section recognized them coming in and the crowd went crazy. They introduced the football team at halftime and presented the crowd the Cotton Bowl trophy. The team had just finished number 5 after defeating Kansas St. So much momentum in football it seemed. That recruiting weekend didn’t snare a single one of those recruits in that article. We went against the really big boys that year in recruiting and got humbled. Then a few weeks later, the motorcycle accident happened and several years of mediocrity or worse began.

Arkansas staff felt real confident about DGB. I had someone from the football program text me a few minutes before DGB announced fully anticipating him to commit to Arkansas. There were a lot of surprised people when he announced for Mizzou.

I had a story ready to go but obviously didn’t get to publish it.

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Maybe DGB had a little birdie tell him last minute, you don’t want to play for Petrino.

That little birdie being his mother

Yep, that came out after his decision.

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