From the "Things I'll never understand" department . . . why do we wear anthracite uniforms . . .

. . . when we’re playing at a place whose predominant color is Black?

I get that, whether I like it or not, we’re going to wear “alternate” uniforms every now and then. But why don’t we use them against someone whose colors are green, or purple, or red, or . . . anything but black?

Oh well . . .

Are we wearing anthracite today?

Yes and I hate it.

I turned on the game and I thought I had the wrong channel.

Embracing the villain role… or condolences for the death of mizzous bball program? Classy move either way. I think Mike wouldn’t mind this turning into a rivalry. Zimmerman apparently thinks it already is. I don’t blame him. (Idk trying to make sense of anthracite units is hard, count me in the razorback red throwback 95-96 era unis all day)

our coaches suit fashion is on fleek tho

No movement etc

:evil: I hate the goddamn anthracite uniforms!

It looked like an intrasquad game with a crowd to match.

The team should stay with the school colors period. Both in football, basketball, and all other teams. I don’t like black at all.

I think we should stick with the school colors at all times. The black looks like some other school is playing.