From the things-could-be-worse department

A lawsuit in federal court alleges Nebraska protected football players accused of sexual assault. Michigan State, whose issues have been well documented, is also named in the suit.

I’ve read up Michigan State mess a while back. Seriously bad there. Beyond belief that anyone could cover up/overlook these situations.

I have two daughters and I cannot imagine how I would respond.

Since this is the “Things-Could-Be-Worse” post. I got one that although its not sports related, it could be considered a bad situation. Certainly one to think about. Now look at this picture and try to tell me each time you walk in to the bathroom for the next day or so that this won’t pop into your head!! LOL, I know I’d hate to sit down to drop a deuce and discover the bowl is already occupied by receiving a bite on my special purpose (Steve Martin reference there for you younger generation).

Oh my…one of the most funny movies ever! When he called his dad to tell him about his special purpose…

Oh my!

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LDHog, I believe this is the scene your are talking about. Its funny no doubt.


That’s the one…priceless…

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