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They’re a paywall site, but I got to this one by turning off adblocker. Links to a lot of their coverage from last night.

Is the writer suggesting that the Zags thought they were going to a ballet and a basketball game broke out?

Sour grapes. He needs to take his ball (point pen) and go home.

I actually agree with the writer. To a point. Ballet should be a part of basketball. But so should defense!

And the defense we played yesterday was not the two-handed check, leave your opponents forearms scratched bloody defense we employed under Nolan. The NCAA has indeed pretty much gotten rid of that. It was simply GOOD DEFENSE. Something Gonzaga doesn’t see much.

Sorry Zags.

I actually think Few’s constant whining caused JWill to get called for a couple of blocks that were charges. And JD got clobbered more than once in the lane and got no call. I will admit their unicorn probably got shafted a time or two when trying to defend …but that is basketball.

We deserved that win. We beat them. Period. Stop whining Gonzaga. You got beat by a better team yesterday.

I will not even concede we wouldn’t win in a 7 game series either. We are not deep…but our top 7 is terrific.

And, Umude was hot. He would have gone for twenty. But foul trouble (you listening Gonzaga? One of our best had to sit too) forced him to the bench. We won anyway.

Nuff said.


I think Timme got it right in the presser. We beat them fair and square. Calls, good and bad, are part of the game. We took it to Holmgren and got some calls. He got some calls too. I remember once he went over JWill’s back, knocked a rebound loose and didn’t get whistled.


That over the back made me jump from the sofa in disgust. But credit to Timme for the class things he said after the game. We earned his respect. But we’ll be the underdogs again next week with everyone fawning over Coach K. Which is exactly what we need.


At this point I have lived long enough that I have just learned to let folks rationalize a tough loss however they want if that helps them deal with it. Goodness knows we do our share of this after Razorback losses.

But it does chap me a bit when a team like Gonzaga is painted exclusively as this “we play by the rules” team and somehow Arkansas does not. Timme is a great player…but he frequently “hooked” his defender but only once was it called. And there seems to be so much emphasis on Holmgren’s foul calls that “maybe weren’t”. But who is talking about the “at least” 2 instances I saw in the first half that he could have been called for fouls and wasn’t–most notably when he came over Toney’s back (and hitting him on the head in the process) to knock a ball out of bounds. Where’s that discussion? And finally, early on they were letting their guards slap at the ball all over the place…but no foul calls.

All of these things are just the rub of the game–it has been that way since forever. But let’s try and allow a little objectivity. That former FL guard was nothing special there…and he still isn’t IMO. In fact, when I realized he was one of their better players I felt much more confident going into the game because he had not impressed me at all while at FL.

Bottom line. Gonzaga was 27-4 but O-2 in the SEC (with both losses on neutral floors) Their style of basketball is fun to watch and I even agree with that author to some degree about “freedom of movement”…but so far it has not led to any championships. And the opposing teams are not the only violators of that concept and to realize that he only needs to look a bit deeper at the team he covers.


Well said all of you. We hog fans as a whole cry about refs a lot too but man are these guys givin it the business.

The 3rd on Chet was bad where JWill plowed into him. Another I thought marginal. But I think it evened out at a minimum as far as how it was called on both sides.

A voice from the past has some advice for Mark Few… go get you some men to play the game.


YES…though Timme is a man. I respect that kid’s play.

Timme is a complete flake, but he can ball. Muss kinda took the lesson from Nolan – cut off the head and the body dies. Nembhard was the head and Au’Diese shut him down.

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Muss has used that game plan against all the teams we have played with great guards and big men. Let the bigs get what they get, but don’t get killed by the toss outs for 3s.

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What a sad whine. The Zags got away with a lot of fouls. It is a wonder Williams and JD made it through the entire game with the shoving, hacking and over the back fouls that went uncalled.

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