From the San Diego paper

Blames Muss for the confrontation. Also notes that SDSU declined to make any players available to the media afterward, at the decision of a sports information type.

More on the fracas:

Paywall may get in the way.

You know, after this I don’t think we have to worry about SDSU trying to bring him back home.


I thought of that last night. But then I couldn’t remember if it was SDS or SD that he had ties to.

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And how many incidents has Muss had at SEC and NCAA arenas since he got here? Muss is always exuberant after a tough win, but I’ve never seen or heard of him getting into it with the other team’s fans post-game. My guess is that the SDSU fans, who were really close, probably did not like the level of celebration. Also keep in mind that in this venue it’s not your typical high roller fans sitting in the first five rows up close and personal, it’s whoever put their butt in a seat.

The SDSU fans thought they had the game won, and their team choked. They have a Mountain West history with Muss, and I’m sure they felt disrespected coming into the tournament, and maybe at the tournament.

Now Muss, on reflection, probably knows he should not have engaged with their fans, nothing good can come of it. But this is really a tempest in a teapot.


I talked to SDST fans in line before the game, they hated Muss when they walked in the door.


It’s the University of San Diego that’s his alma mater.


lots and lots about his stent at Nevada vs SDSU (he was 3-7 in that matchup). I thought Dutcher was egging on Ricky C and any other player close to his bench when he got the wrong end of calls late.

“Musselman is much more calm with this team when they make a mistake. However, his fuse with the refs this year appears to be even shorter than before, which is saying a lot.”

Maybe there was some leftover bitterness from the hose job and (possibly opposing fan causing) the phantom technical the night before.

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One of our pastors is an Auburn grad and big fan. We were talking recently and he’s given up on football. He’s now an all in basketball fan. He told me Auburn fans do not like Muss. I told him no surprise. I refrained from commenting about Bruce…… :joy:


Not good optics for Muss. There are pro and cons with a calm coach and same with a coach that wears his emotions on his sleeve. You are not going to find a perfect coach that wins big. I will take the big winner and hope it works out.

I’ll take Muss over too calm Mike any day!!


Who cares what people think, or where he wears his emotions, just win baby, that’s what we all want​:boar::boar::boar:


Muss and Pittman are alike in that people love them when we are winning. Fans will turn on both as soon as the winning stops.

I’d say that goes with any coach, fans will turn on anybody when your not winning