From the outside looking in it

looks like this football program could possibly be unraveling before our eyes. CBB has to do some searching or he will be searching. Initially I thought he would bring some stability to the program but that is all now in question. If he struggles next year I know some of y’all don’t want to hear this name, but it maybe just time to give ole Gus Bus a call.

3 Months ago you would have been cursed to no end for making such a statement…(by me) but this has the feel of Nutt going into his final season…Not much optimism.

Lol, I know, but he may need to get a short list together if this thing implodes. Gus wouldn’t be a bad start at all.

Gus should have been hired when Bielema was, in my view. He is a very good coach and is an Arkansan and dearly wanted the job. It was a reasonably logical decision to go after Gus then, but we always seem to blow the hire when it is time to do it.

I think the Gus Bus is out of the garage, however. Too late now.

Seems a pretty big leap to me. Would agree if your statement was some of the posters are unraveling before our eyes. Guess this is the price for such a poor finish, no next game to shift focus from previous meltdown.

ASU fanatic and Governor Mike Beene was not going to let that happen and after Gus eft for Auburn, which he could do nothing about, he was personally involved in ASU’s efforts to hire Petrino. Almost happened too, but Becky put her foot down and said get me the Hell out of Arkansas so he went to WKU instead when it opened up.

All told to me by someone that worked closely with our former Governor.

Gus would be a terrible hire. He has not done that well at Auburn for all the talent they acquire. He will be fired at Auburn within two or three years.

Governor was actively pursuing to mobilize ditchgate and BP across the state and rub it in the UofA’s nose huh?
Hmmmm interesting, how about your close friend who is/was close to the Governor putting that in the press.

Becky probably thinks Kentucky isn’t far enough away as well.

Kentucky probably want far enough away, but it was close to their family still living in Lville. … ing-search … 5229093888

If Gus was hired, this 30 year season ticket holder in two sports would never set foot on campus again.

As a personal friend and fellow Newport Greyhound of our former Governor, some of you are throwing stuff at the wall and know not what you speak of.

You have some facts right, but others are simply not true