From the other locker room: Fisher not happy with narrow win … ow-escape/

Jimbo is a cry baby, enough said.

He will be whining, in the future ,when we beat him

I guess Jimbo’s sideline face mask shaking of one of his defensive players is making headlines.

He reminds me of Phillip Fulmer, a coach that can never give the opposing team any credit for either beating his team or playing them tough. It’s always what his team didn’t do to take control or put the other team away.
He will be like many other Texas A&M coaches, the place where coaching careers die!
I think he’s been overrated as a head ball coach for a long time and it will come to light in the SEC West.

Go Hogs!

A lot of coaching careers have been ruined in the SEC West…

Jumbo is a clown(rich one) but I have never thought he was a great coach,hard not to win with the talent he had at FSU and even with a weakened ACC he still couldn’t do it like he should have…

I just hope the air o gant ( miss spelled big time) smart ass keeps grabbing his players by the face mask, may-be we will get some of them.