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Here is Calipari’s post game presser.
He was actually pretty complimentary of us about as much as you will ever see him LOL

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He really didn’t have any choice but to be complimentary in my opinion, Muss had our guys as mentally ready to play as I’ve witnessed this year. They stuck to the game plan and only veered off course a couple trips down the court then corrected themselves and refocused on the game plan. Tip my hat to coaching staff for such a good job of preparation and to the players for executing the plan! WPS


This should be a confidence builder for the Hogs going into the remainder of the season. Coach Muss & his staff have done a great job in building this young team & getting our players motivated last night, especially in a hostile environment.

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Beating KY never gets old. Better than triple stack ice cream cone on hot August day. Muss is the Man
as he continues to get his teams playing better as season goes on.

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Yeah that was an Old fashioned who’s yo daddy beat down! Not much you can say!just got their butts handed to them!

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I felt this was key. Several times this season we have not been able to regroup, playing it close or having the lead for a while. But, to be able to do this against Kentucky, at Rupp, and this late in the season - was huge and demonstrates that the team is gelling. wps

Only had two days to prepare, remember. Got home very late on Saturday, played on Tuesday. I think I heard Muss say they did some extra film work yesterday afternoon which was possible because of the late tip (9 pm Lexington time). Maybe he should try that more often; it sure worked this time.

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Gelling and maturing at the right time is what it’s all about, how we handle our next game will give us more insight on where we are I believe. What I mean is our victory last night was awesome but if we take the court Saturday with our chest stuck out saying look at us, then we have not matured enough and could prove to be fatal. WPS

Had completely forgot about the turn around time, makes it even more impressive! Thanks, WPS

I kept waiting on Ky to go on a long run, like 20-2 or something. I was afraid we would go up 15 and then start turning it over and get behind again. And it would be another so close but no cigar.

I am amazed and happy that we avoided all that drama and I could sit back and just enjoy the second half.

I’m wondering if we really didn’t prepare for SC.

I thought about that as soon as the game was over and how amazing and fluid we were on both ends of the floor when we really only had about one day on the floor to actually practice.

They do so much drill work it’s probably why they’re able to do these type of things on such short notice.

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I thought we were kinda tight for SC. 0-5 on the road, yadda yadda. But they got the road gorilla off their backs and away we go.

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