From the last D1 Baseball rankings

Interesting who’s out and who’s still playing.

#1 Tennessee
#3 Oregon State
#4 Virginia Tech
#6 Okie Lite
#7 Miami
#8 Louisville
#10 East Carolina
#11 North Carolina
#12 Maryland

Still in:
#2 Stanford
#5 A&M
#9 Mobilehoma
#16 Texass
#17 Notre Dame
#23 Arkansas
#25 Auburn
Nowhere to be found Rebnecks

Which proves a point my old boss told me all the time “it’s not how you start but how you finish”……

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Interesting, but I noticed Nolan has their ELO at #8 and RPI at #19. True, they had not done much “lately”, but just like the Hogs they won their last two series on the road.

No one around here likes Ole Miss, but it will be sweet to kick their butt in the CWS if we play…

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Not surprisingly, we’re the lowest rated team (both RPI and ELO) of the 8 teams in Omaha, per Warren Nolan’s estimates (which, at this time of the year, are virtually identical to the real metrics).

Furthermore, that site gives us about a 42% chance of beating Stanford in the opener (combining RPI and ELO predictions)…

We love being underdogs…. :wink:

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They also pick the Aggies and Texass to win Friday.

Peak too early, peak at right time, yeah, cliches, but some truth.

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There were a lot of those teams near the top of the rankings showed some signs of weakness toward the end of the regular season. After Tennessee, I think there was a cluster of 15-20 teams that were very comparable, which is a reason why I thought Arkansas had a chance to make it to Omaha.

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