From the Harrisburg PA paper

Storylines for the Outback Bowl, including optouts on each side. They’re thinking Burks will bail. I don’t, but what do I know?

They’ll ask for an email address to read this. Fortunately I have a couple of email addys I never use, so if they spam me, so what?

Then you just opt out.

The thing is, I’ll never see the spam. I literally don’t even remember the password for the addy I gave them. Or why I created that addy in the first place.

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Maybe I’m naive, but I don’t think any of our players opt out. None have been to a bowl and all seem to love CSP. They’ll want to play for him in this game.


I tend to agree, Chip, and if we’re right that alone gives us a big advantage in the bowl. Penn State didn’t play in a bowl last year either, but they were in the Cotton Bowl two years ago and Orlando three years ago. Our only guys with bowl experience are transfers (Tre Williams made two bowl trips with Misery).

Someone on another board claims to have knowledge that Burks is going to opt out. It would surprise me if true because it doesn’t seem to fit his personality, but if he’s still pretty beat up, and he’s thinking of his financial future and protecting that investment, then he might.

lol Stay away from other boards

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If I was advising treylon I would tell him not to risk injury and opt out. His last few games were magical and let his memory live with them.

Too much money at stake.


Every game risks an injury. Why don’t we just forfeit the game? No reason for anybody to get hurt.


I don’t remember any of Bama’s #1 draft picks opting out. I know the difference is a National Championship year in year out but they play unafraid

This is the winners and warriors take. Carpe diem.

I wonder how the Harrisburg paper knows or thinks Treylon will opt out?

I’ll guess they assume a 1st round pick wouldn’t play. I highly doubt they have sources.

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Author took an educated guess and played the percentages…

By reading several of the responses in today’s opt out thread, apparently something a few rose-colored-glasses-wearing hog fans failed to do.

Does anyone know if Burks had anything going NIL-wise? Not saying that would make any difference one way or the other, just wondering.

I have no idea if he has any NIL money. Probably, but that’s just a guess.

One thing I’d like schools to do is buy some sort of insurance policy for players with NFL prospects, especially those who are in their last year or are headed to bowls. Something that would pay them some decent percentage of their projected NFL signing contract if they got severely injured in a bowl game.

Players can do that if an independent panel decides their draft prospects are good enough. They can borrow the premium (which isn’t cheap) and repay it out of their first contract. I think the limit on that insurance is $10 million for a Trevor Lawrence type. I doubt they’d insure a Burks for $10 mill, but maybe I’m wrong.

Yeah, I know that option has been available, but I figured with the new NIL rules it might be something a school or boosters could do. Either way, I’d like to see people like Burks have that coverage.

Upon further review, athletes can use money from the NCAA Student Assistance Fund to buy those policies. However, because they don’t always pay out as expected (we are talking about insurance companies, after all), the NCAA does not recommend that athletes buy the policies unless they are projected as a top-10 draft pick. Which Burks isn’t.

I think jaylin smith bought one, hurt his knee in bowl game and then had to sue to try to enforce as insurance claimed he wasn’t first round eligible or something. Lawsuit eventually settled.