From the Diamond Hogs Twitter feed

I think they’re making an announcement of sorts.

I would also like to see the mirror opposite down the left field line, to cover up the view of the processing plant from the east. Plus, I like things being symmetrical.

If you did that down the left field line, you would have to eliminate more than half of the hog pen.

I know, I know! I guess we just wait for the trees to grow along Razorback.

From the artwork, the right field building will stop at the end of the bullpen. Most of the Hog Pen is to the center field side of the bullpen in left. It would take out some of the Pen but not all that much.

I had seen that in Hunter Yurachek’s recent email. He wrote:

“While Baum Stadium is unrivaled in beauty and the gameday atmosphere created by the passionate support of the Razorback Nation, many of the team areas utilized by our student-athletes and coaches every day, have not substantially changed since the stadium was built in 1996. A new approximately 40,000+ square foot baseball clubhouse facility, to be built beyond the right field wall on the southwest corner of Baum Stadium, will address those deficiencies providing our student-athletes with an improved and expanded locker room, team room, weight room, training room, meeting rooms, nutrition space, player and pitching development spaces and in-venue batting cages. Initial plans for the facility are to also offer fans the opportunity to enjoy their gameday at Baum Stadium from a new and unique Loge Box experience overlooking the right field bullpen.”

Hey, just re-thinking this. Do you think it might cut out the strong south winds that tend to knock down our left handed hitters fly balls, that might now turn into, homers?

When I interviewed Hunter about the baseball building in Omaha, he showed me the renderings but said they couldn’t release them yet. The only difference I see in that rendering from the one I saw in June is that there are the loge seats. That’s a good touch.

I assume it won’t be a lot, but any idea how many more seats this will add to the ballpark?

Discussion of this subject from 4 months ago (May):


I would never do anything to change the Hog Pen. That’s a touch that should be a part of college baseball, fans in the outfield grilling. It just is the way it should always be at Baum Stadium. So what if there is a building out there beyond the parking lot. I’m not sure you could build anything high enough out there to eliminate seeing that because it’s on top of a hill.

I like it… looks great!