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Good recruiter, Texas ties, Played college in Arkansas. Winner.

Too young.

No coaching connections.
No big time program experience.
Winning with a program that was pre-built.

Too big of a risk.

Bob Stoops was 38 when OU hired him with no HC experience. If you’ve got it you’ve got it.

What’s the difference between Arkansas and OU?

I think we both know the answer to that.

And a lot has changed in the world of college football in 20 years, a lot.

Rams coach and Broyles were too young too.

its norvell or Morris. Better learn to like them. Both have big upsides. Clearly some uncertainty but hey, last coach we hired was a proven winner and that didn’t work so well.

Lincoln Riley, the OU coach, is younger than Norvell.

Once again, what’s the difference between Arkansas and OU?

Once again, I think we all know that answer.

OU’s BoT hasn’t made a mess of the athletic department? :?


Lol yes.
Not what I was going for though.

It’s OU is a much better recruiting schools in the little dozen.

Not exactly apples to apples.

Iowa State needs to fire Matt Campbell … he’s only 38.

Jackson the age isn’t the issue.

I used age as a factor in his issue.

That he has very little experience, very shallow coaching roots, and doesn’t seem ready for the big stage of the SEC.

I’ve asked you to sel me on him and you haven’t.

Campbell had a lot of success at Toledo.
And he got a job worthy of his time, Iowa State.

Arkansas is above Iowa state, I’m not seeing why norvell is ready for it.

What “ big time” experience does Campbell have in his background?

None and that’s why his job is at Iowa state and not an SEC school.

Iowa state was bottom of the barrel in the big twelve.

His point is still valid. The question is whether Stoops at a young age succeeded at OU. He did. He also did it immediately following several years of poor OU football. He returned it to prominence. Norvell is relatively unproven, but he has more HC experience than Stoops had, and the experience Norvell has is one of success. 38 isn’t old, but it’s not like he’s straight out of school. Broyles was in his 30’s when he came here.

Yeah, college football has changed some in 20 years, but not “a lot.” Offensive & defensive schemes are always changing. A few rules changes have occurred. But that’s not an argument against a young coach. If anything, it’s an argument to hire one. But now, just as 20 years ago, 60 years ago, football was mostly about blocking & tackling. Running & catching. Receivers getting open & defenders covering them.

There might be better choices than Norvell. Probably several just as good. However, there’s nothing about him that ought to worry anyone other than he hasn’t been an HC at a P5 conf school who has won for several years. We’re not getting any of those. We took a shot at one & he said no.

The age is not the issue, not sure how clear I can make that.

I used his age to show his lack of experience.

He’s never been around an sec school or a top talent school, that’s the problem. On top of he’s at a school that was ready to win when he got there.

Is he a good coach? Heck yeah.
I just don’t think he’s ready.

As for bob stoops, I guess we are forgetting also that he spent 3 seasons at Florida as an assistant head coach and D.C., gaining very valuable experience.

Had Norvell spent 3 years at a top school I’d feel much better about him.

Arizona St, and Memphis leave me worried.

However I personally do not think he is as high on the list as some suggest.

I know you prefer Morris. I have no qualms with that. I’d be happy either way. Fortunately for you, me & the Razorback nation, I don’t have any say in who they hire.