From the Cincy paper

Miller not wanting to point at the refs but…

He did give Toney credit for clamping down on Davenport.

Looks like a topic this writer wanted to write about, and asked the coach the question for some material. He answered as you would expect, certainly didn’t blame the refs for the outcome. But wow I didn’t realize the huge disparity last night. We were obviously the more aggressive team. Offensive rebounds and free throws decided the game. That’s effort! I’d say we earned it, it wasn’t all the officiating.

Yeah, or either he picked two or three sentences out of everything Miller said postgame. But (a) we were more aggressive and (b) seemed like every block-charge call went our way.

When Cincy picked put us in the bonus with just over 14 minutes to play in the second half, I knew we had a big advantage. Didn’t take long to put us in the double bonus after that.

We just wanted it more than they did plain and simple we outworked their tail… We shot the ball like crap and still beat them by 6, must have missed 8 or 10 point blank shots or it would have been a blowout. End of story!!

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Cincy had two guards that were cat quick and at least one of those guys could be a pro point guard. They do have a bit of tendency to over-do it on offense trying to out-quick the defense, which led to charges and some turnovers. Their coaching staff did not get it across to their team in general that Jaylin Williams is not just a shot blocker-he’s looking to draw charges.

Their collection of forwards and bigs play hard and physical and have some ability to score, but they are not overtly athletic, quick jumpers or have a feel for getting tough rebounds. That will win a lot of games-but if you run into tough minded forwards who are better athletes/have a feel for the inside game, you foul a lot and give up a lot of second chance points.

That’s what kept getting Cincy into trouble last night Toney, Williams and-late in the game-Devo were just too good inside. Lykes got fouled about as much by forwards trying to help as by the guards.