From the Baton Rouge paper


More to come! It’s nice to beat LSU on the road. Wade needs to do some research! Karma got him today.

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I wonder what he’s going to write when LSU gets the Notice of Violations from the NCAA.

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I wonder if they never get penalized

I know that I am always one of the first to hop on the Muss Bus, but this game was huge. It continued the momentum from the Missouri game and was a hard fought victory over a top 15 team on the road. While it was a it sloppy, turnovers and mediocre shooting %, this game was very much like a NCCA tournament game. While there was certainty plenty of areas to clean up, this team showed the toughness necessary to be a good team. I don’t know why we lacked enough energy and toughness to win during our slump,

I do know that this team has the ability to win a tough road game against a top team. The way the team played last week should quiet the doom and gloom crowd and give the team the confidence to play and beat other quality teams. I really expected that our team would play like this all year and be a top 10 team. There still are lots of games to play and no one knows if we continue to play like good Hogs or revert to our frustrating play of early conference games.


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