From telegram to iPhone

Craddock/Chavis to Briles/Odom.

Have we ever had such an upgrade in coaching in one year?

Jack Mitchell to Frank Broyles would be a good guess.

JFB’s first staff included Wilson Matthews, Doug Dickey (future Tennessee HC), and Jim Mackenzie (future OU HC). Only one holdover from the Mitchell staff (full disclosure: Mitchell recruited and signed my dad); that was Dixie White, the OL coach (who may well have recruited dad since he was a center/linebacker in the days when everybody played on both sides of the ball).

Update: I asked Dad who recruited him. It was George Cole. Yes, the one the baseball field was named for.

Yes solid choice. So we’ll go second best. :smile:

I never thought the hogs get any worse than the Rob Smith bend don’t break but Chavis proved me wrong!

As I remember, your dad was a high school All-American at a time when only one 11 man team was picked each year. Correct my mistakes please.

There were multiple A-A teams picked at the time, probably not as many as now (although now I think they substitute A-A recognition with 5- or 4-stars). He was first-team A-A as selected by the Wigwam Wisemen, which was a major honor for about 15 years in the 40s, 50s and early 60s; he was second team A-A by the Sporting News. He wanted to go to Air Force (his dad was an Army glider pilot in WWII) but his eyes weren’t good enough and he failed the physical. So then it came down to UA and LSU and he chose the Hogs. He would have been a sophomore (probably redshirted) on the '58 LSU team that won the NC. Instead he redshirted at UA that year and was out of football at the end of the '59 season (two bad knees and a wife by then).

Mom swears she once heard Wayne “Thumper” Harris say that if Dad had wanted to play football no one ever would have heard of him. Not sure that’s true, and after he hurt his knees even less true. But he was behind a couple of guys on the depth chart as a center/linebacker you may have heard of: Harris and Barry Switzer.

The third team was referred to as the “Thundering Third,” and given the substitution rules at the time, almost never played. Dad got into one varsity game, at Baylor in 1959, and recorded one tackle of future NFL back Ronnie Bull. When it came time for the bowl trip to play Georgia Tech in Jacksonville, Dad asked the coaches if he was going to get to play. The answer was no. So Dad skipped the bowl trip. He’d been married for two months by then (I don’t think the coaches knew he was married at all; he got married the day of the Ole Miss game because he didn’t make the travel squad).

The DL coach will be very important. I still think we have very good talent on the DL but I believe the coaching was not up to the task. Keep up the great work Coach Pitt. GHG!

I don’t think there was a single position group in 2019 that didn’t need major improvement, with the possible exception of RB, and Traylor got himself promoted. But yeah DL will be critical.