From Sports illustrated on draft prospects

Kel’el Ware has work to do:

“Suffice it to say that a lot of scouts have been turned off by Ware’s languid approach to the game—there are times he looks downright disinterested—and in order to maximize his draft stock, he’s going to have to shift that narrative with his body language and effort level.”

There were always questions about his motor.

I bet Muss could do wonders with him! What you think Jeremy?

I don’t think he’ll get the chance. I think Ware is going to turn pro after this year whether anybody wants him or not.

I think you’re right Swine. Just wishful thinking for everyone concerned. I think he got some bad advice.

I don’t think Ware is tough enough to have Muss as a coach, Jerry.
I was upset we lost him initially, but after watching him play a couple of times, I wouldn’t trade any of our bigs for him.

I have been saying this for years. Motor has always been an issue and people always said it would come around, but it is my experience that when effort is an issue for someone with that kind of a skill level, it’s always an issue.

He will make a bunch of $ because of his measurables (already has, I’m sure), but I really wonder how productive he will be in the long haul.

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Hmm. He’s got pretty good results the last three games against some very good teams. I watched him one game last week and thought he looked quite energetic.

He has often shown flashes. Consistency of effort has always been an issue.

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Even when his motor was going good, you just didn’t see much emotion. He’s a very low-key guy in general.

So is Brazile, RD, but no one can question his motor.

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I guess i was just hoping if he didn’t go pro maybe a year at home under Muss would help all!

TB was exceptionally emotional during the Maui Classic. From staring down the SDSU HC to crying from a bogus foul call after he made a clean block. I personally love TB’s passion for the game.
UA….Camof Champions


Me too, Guy, and he’s just scratching the surface of how good he can be, IMO. If Ware played as hard as TB does, maybe Oregon wouldn’t be 2-4.

But, TB’s personality off the court and in interviews is very low key. He didn’t even mean mug after he murdered that dude at The Bud a couple of weeks ago. Just walked back to the bench.

I thought Trevon was staring at a SDSU fan right behind the coach. I thought that because when the HC moved, Trevon’s stare did not move.

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Ware is averaging 25 minutes a game, 11.1 pts and 6.4 rebs, shooting 49% from the field and 33% from 3 pt line,

He became a starter 2 games ago and is averaging 35 mins, 15 pts and 8 rebs.

Numbers are similar to what Brazile is doing here. He seems to be doing fine.

Why is his name back on the forum, enough of the Ware talk! Please!

Would you trade any of our bigs for him?

Yes, I would trade Mitchell twins and Graham.

Maybe Graham, but no way would I trade the Mitchells. They have been just what the doctor ordered for this team from a toughness and production standpoint…plus you get 10 fouls.