From Muss’s mouth yesterday

Attended an event with the coach’s last night. Nothing earth shattering, but a few tidbits.

-Texas is an older team, thought it was a nice respect
thing being asked to open their new arena. Not necessarily a game that’s going to be returned next year. No determination on that yet.

-Thinks Maui might be the best field that tournament has ever had.

-Says he has his 5 starters but made a point to say he doesn’t really care as much about who starts, guys off the bench can play starter mins.

-Isn’t going to play more than 7-8….never has and that’s the number he’s comfortable with.

Jokingly said, if you think last years team shot it poorly…wait until you see this team! Also said, it’s not something they’re concerned with.

-JD is playing in Greece and has blonde hair!

-Was excited for Joe signing with OKC and being with Jaylin. Thinks they’ll both get a good shot there bc the Thunder will be terrible.

That’s about all I can remember.


Goin’ all JD Davison on us.


Yet we fans continue to think, each new season, that will change “because he has so much talent this year”. I now firmly believe that improvement at every single position will not ever change that for Muss. The players within those 7 or 8 may change during the season, but the total numbers will not change from 7 or 8 (once he gets into the meat of the season).

I believe he could have 13 five-star (better defined as 5-star caliber) players and he will find a gap after 7 or 8 players and that’s all he will play. IMO, good for him. Why should he change when he’s proved, at the college level, that is a winning combination for him.

And, if you look at the last couple of decades of final four teams, the numbers (6 to 8) are by far the majority in close games.

Biff, thanks for posting this.

Hopefully it is not as wild as Anthony Black’s hair. AB’s hair got to be the wildest in Razorback history!

As long as he continues to make EE and up, us fans won’t care and shouldn’t as to how many he plays. Only thing I worry is that after three more years or so of playing 7-8 only, he will have difficulty recruiting high talent for 10th thru 13th scholarships. Has to be. Other coaches will hammer that into recruits. Surprised it is not happening already.

That’s a great answers if you have 10 and need to narrow it to 7-8. Nothing like making the players think there aren’t minutes.

Sure looks it. Maui field is stacked.

I wonder why he’s not concerned about the bad shooting?? does he expect us to rebound and put it back in?? would drive me crazy,but Muss knows what he’s doing so we will see how we do.

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Here is the thing…7-8 a game is not the same as saying “ONLY” 7 or 8 will get quality minutes. Muss will have a top five who dominate minutes over the course of the year, probably a sixth with a fairly high total but then 3 to 4 more that will all be close together with comparable totals. It is like he said there will be guys who are in the rotation later in the year that aren’t at the beginning. Guys will get run, they just won’t get big minutes. As discussed in this very thread…most good to great teams are living and dying with their top 7 any way. It just looks though, that our 8-11 may gives us some really standout minutes in some key times this year and that is what quality “End of the bench” players should provide.


I think most freshmen will give it a couple of years to see if they can crack the rotation before hitting the portal unless Muss lets them know it is not likely (i.e. Chance Moore) … and anyone who hasn’t played meaningful minutes by the end of their sophomore year would definitely be encouraged to move on.

The exception would be a 5-star freshman who is relegated to mop up duty his first year as a Razorback … he would likely be “re-recruited” before the season ended and first to hit the portal. For the record, I believe all 3 of our new 5-stars will be among the Top 8 in minutes played this year.

With the new transfer rules, I can’t see any transfer signed by Muss staying for a second year if he doesn’t at least make the rotation in his first season with the Hogs.


I’m trying to visualize a basketball team that literally only scores with dunks and free throws… but it’s making my head about to explode :exploding_head: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: at some point you have to make jump shots to win a championship

I think we will find a way to make shots one way or another. Hopefully great shot selection, great ball movement, and great quickness will get us some wide open looks when we are faced with a huge team packing the paint to stop our drives to the rim. I’d be ok with taking very few outside shots if we make them when it counts

I think the biggest difference between this year and last year is we have several big time scorers this year. I don’t expect offensive struggles anything like last year

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Well with us not shooting the 3 very well I expect us to attack the rim every chance we get hoping to at least draw a foul and go to the free throw line. I think our defense will hopefully be good enough to where we get a lot of steals and transition points

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This team has multiple players that will knock down 3s when Arkansas needs a 3. But the 3-pt shot won’t be a focal point of the offense, nor should it be. Muss has stated this multiple times now lol.


Reading your post and the part about ‘Muss knows what he’s doing’, a lot of fans will move away from that thinking as soon as he loses a game they believe we should have won. We knows it coming, we ought to have a pool for the date fans start calling for his head. I’m not picking on anyone in particular it’s just what fans do no matter what coach or team and at any level and I’ve been guilty myself. WPS

Could be that the public statement about their poor shooting could be just an intended motivation factor, not to mention that the rebounding of the misses (combined with the smothering defense at the other end) will more than compensate?




Yeah that kind of stuff doesn’t really happen on this message board. You must be relatively new here. Now Hogville on the other hand….:roll_eyes:

True. Over the season 8-11 guys may play. But if you look at the history of last three years, he goes to 9th guy if one of the top 8 fail. Then he will stay with that 9th guy as long he is successful. For example, Jaxson Robinson.

Sone coaches change starting lineups or rotation based on opposition. Muss does not do that. He only changes if team is losing.

My point was whether a guy like Chance Moore will even sign up if there are already 8-9 five and four stars on the roster.

I think Muss changed his recruiting philosophy as the Hogs started having more success … not sure he would even recruit a Chance Moore at this point and he definitely wouldn’t take a transfer like Connor Vanover anymore. Based on what he has said in prior interviews, his recruiting priorities going forward appear to be:

  1. 5-stars and/or high 4-stars who project as NBA draft picks (1-2 years)
  2. Transfers to fill specific position needs (1-2 years)
  3. Top 100 recruits from Arkansas who fit the system (3-4 years)

I’m guessing the “end of the bench” players will mostly come from the third category … but, you are right, some may choose to go to Ole Miss, Texas A&M or similar locales for a better chance at playing early in their careers.


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