From Lane Kiffin

GoNavy, thank you for posting this… I just blew coffee on my iPad Pro. :lol:


Hire the man!

The guy is funny.

Wouldn’t mind having him, kids seem to really like him.

Kiffin is not hilarious. He’s not cool. He’s a fool.

He may not seem funny or cool to some of us old farts, but I bet he is to a lot of 18-21 year olds.

He might be, but I would think his next place they will tell him to cool it.

This is true. Stories all across Tuscalooser about him. Not appropriate fit for Arkansas.

Agree. And, he knows it. He would get the “Jimmies and Joes” to come play for him.

He is my pick for HC.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Maybe you have a better understanding of him that the USC people or Nick Saban, who both worked with him for years, and couldn’t wait until the end of the season to fire him… but I doubt it.

Buckhog, I don’t mean this as a shot at you, but are those the same Jimmys and Jones that he did so well with at Tennessee?

He didn’t stay long enough to coach the players he recruited. He has always done a good job recruiting, which is exactly what it will take for the Hogs to catch up. Kiffin gives the Hogs the best shot at a quick turnaround. IMHO

Could it backfire? You bet.

What Lane has never come close to proving is that he has the ability to actually lead a program. He’s got lots of swagger to attract players, and he is a very bright offensive mind. But he’s shown no capacity to keep a team focused and grinding when adversity hits, or even to sustain good times.

You can’t keep it going for very long in the SEC without a guy who can actually lead, and so far Lane has a hole in his resume where that skill set ought to be. Maybe another couple of years at FAU will show he’s cured that problem, but right now there is no reason to suspect that he’s changed his spots.

With Saban he’s poking the bear. I’ll pass.

All I know, which ain’t much, Kiffin as HC would instantly turn the Hogs into a hotspot for recruits. That has never happened.

None of the HC prospects has shown the ability to lead a team to success in the SEC for a long period of time. Even Gus, the Great One, has had a stretch of average seasons. And, that’s with top 10 recruiting classes. Auburn was getting top 10 classes before Gus, because of their system of cheating. The next guy at Auburn will get top 10 recruiting classes, as well.

Agree! Kiffin is my #1 choice for this reason, plus:

3 Years as Saban’s OC
In year 1, turned Florida Atlantic around. Leading his team on an 8 game win streak, and conference championship game.

The Florida Atlantic turn around is a much bigger deal than most recognize:

2017: 9-3 under Kiffin, after starting the season 1-3.
2016: 3-9
2015: 3-9
2014: 3-9
2013: 6-6
2012: 3-9
2011: 1-11

Kiffin has an incredible amount of experience for someone his age. There is a reason he was able to get all this experience. He is an exceptional talent.

Has he learned from the experience? That is the gamble.

I think it is worth the risk.