From Isaiah Joe's father

Derrick passed along that Isaiah had a team interview today. The NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee feedback is expected to be later this month.

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Obviously you have talked to Derrick, RD. Do you belive if he’s not a 1st rounder he comes back? I truly believe his decision is the difference from us being great next year as opposed to really good. IMO, he is that important. And tell me if I am wrong, but do you feel the reason it is taking so long to come to a decision is because there is a real question whether college basketball will even be played this year? I think a lot of us would like to know your thoughts on this.

I’ve always thought he was coming back. Guess we’ll see.

UAC feedback will be key.

FWIW. Mixed message here, but it supports what RD says.

“Isaiah Joe, I’m very high on … He’s kinda got a Klay Thompson type game … If he’s in (the draft) then I would take a look at him as a late 1st-round pick."

– NBA Draft analyst @MattBabcock11, who also said he thinks Zai returns to UA

We will be lucky if there is any BB this year. Everything is up in the air at this point. Makes it that much tougher for IJ to even make a decision.
Hoping he returns and we just get to play (Safely).

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