From Here: My Thoughts

Barring KK being terrible in practice or having a bad attitude (which I doubt he has), this is what I’d do going forward.

Start KK in place of Notae and Umude in place of Vanover.

Rationale: Notae clearly needs a change when facing high major teams. He was very comfortable and great for the most part coming off the bench last year. Muss also seemed to be at his line in allowing Notae to take shots while he’s not hitting. KK is a very capable defender. The only thing holding him back has been his fouling. At this point, I think we need to let him try to play through it. KK is also a good shooter that really never seems to get in the flow of the game. We need shooting.

Similar to Notae, I think Umude needs a change of flow. He plays near starter minutes. Let’s start him and see if he can do what he’s capable of doing with a change of flow.

Next game, I’d run a few sets in the first four minutes for Williams to “inject” him with aggressiveness to score. We need him to be a threat to score to open up the floor. He’s tried to squeeze too many lately. He’s smart, so I think he’ll adjust, but I’m afraid it will be too extreme. We need him to be aggressive scoring the ball, and not just from the three point line.

Lykes needs to be limited. I’m not giving up on him; I just think he needs to play less minutes at this stage of the season. That could change if we shape up other places.

I think we need to continue to try get Jaxson in the game. I’d sub him for Umude or Devo for breathers. Toney is our iron-man.

We need to put on the film and watch OU’s middle pick and roll over and over again for an example of how bigs should screen and how ball handlers work their defender to that screen.

If I were Muss, I’d take a calm (relatively for him) but firm approach at practice this week. Make sure the team knows he has the ultimate belief in them, but that we have to make some changes due to our play so far. I think he should go a little extra on the fun/family stuff before our next game. I say all of this because he’s incredibly tough on players at times, and right now he’s super disappointed, we all can tell.


Nice analysis as always.

It is not ideal to be this unsettled 1/3 of the way through the schedule. But, because the first half of the SEC schedule is easier that the last half, there’s still time to get things figured out.

I think we can still be a very good team but there are some concerns.

I think Muss thought he could make Lykes into a point guard and now we can all see he’s not. I’ve never seen someone fall down so much while dribbling. He does a lot of good things for us but he’s got to quit falling down and dribbling in traffic.

For some reason we have a team without a reliable knockdown shooter. Maybe JD can get it going again but as of right now he can’t get it to fall. OU packed the lane and that killed our offense. Other teams will follow suit. KK and Jackson can knock it down but can they become better defenders? Do you just take what you can get if they are hitting shots?

At this point I’m not sure it matters because we let OU set a world record in 3 point shooting with them on the bench. I would rather trade 3 for 3 than 2 for 3…if that makes sense.

We have three players that functioned as the go to scorer on their previous teams for multiple years and play quality minutes for the Hogs. They join the Hogs and hear team, pass, team from the first practice and it’s an ongoing conflict when playing games. A hesitant shooter is not confident, and we all know what that leads to. Now, we can see flashes of quality play from all of them but it takes time to understand the role and when to turn it on and off. One of the problems with the Sooners was our entire team knew this was a big game and they all reverted to old team ways of being the dominate one (along with Devo and Notae) and it sped up everything…shooting, passing, driving. It will get better, this team has a lot of talent and will understand what Muss is teaching sooner or later.


I hear your comments, but I’ll leave the coaching and line up to Muss. I’m confident he knows what to do.

I been singing KK praises for a while now,he’s the only true PG we have and his 3 pt shot looks very good,give him a shot and see what happens,sure can’t do any worse. will be shocked to see it happen but wish we would try him out.


Agree with a lot of this. For sure time to let Notae come off the bench. I think it would bring a lot of energy off the bench to have Notae and Lykes come off at the same time.

Surely he sees that something has to change personnel wise to start games off. I discounted the play at the start of games to this point because of who we were playing and the team maybe not getting up for the games. But now change is warranted.

I agree with the vast majority of what you said. I did some math and when this team starts a bigger lineup, our shooting percentage is 34%, when we go with a smaller lineup, our shooting percentage is 52%, that right, 52%!!!

Before conference play, I want to see us start a game with a faster lineup. Hofstra is better than their record and could beat us if we don’t get over the OU game. Personally, I’d like to see a starting lineup of Robinson, Davis, Umude, Toney, and Williams. Have Notae, Lykes, and Vanover come off the bench.

Personally, I think this next game will show if player leadership has stepped up in the locker room. Musselman said before the season that leadership in the locker room was lacking within the players. Did someone step up in that role? Are players accepting responsibility for their roles on the team? The beating OU gave Arkansas should show this team that personal stats or accolades will evaporate if this team doesn’t pull together.

Again, just from stats and flow, when we go smaller and faster, we tend to do better. We just need a guy who can facilitate the offense. Notae and Lykes can and have done that, but we need someone who will be consistent and not try to put the team on their back but doing to much without using their teammates.

Smart plan

I’m one that’s been fine with not playing KK. I was as high on him as anyone when we signed him, but I was concerned with what I saw on the court last year before he went out. Then, he went out with injury, and I gave him him the benefit of doubt that his play was related to injury.

Since he’s come back, I’ve seen more of the same. Not aggressive, not confident on offense and foul prone on defense.

But, I think now is the time to test change. My hope is that he starts to realize his potential. We need to limit his fouls and we need him to create with confidence with the ball in his hands.


Yeah to me he looks like he’s not playing with much confidence other than I think his stroke looks good… think it’s between his ears right now. I know he hasn’t forgot how to play, he just doesn’t look like he trusts his legs, which is kind of understandable considering he’s been hurt… I think it would just take one good game from him and he would start regain his confidence


KK sure has looked good with his shot in the small sample we’ve been able to see! I don’t know if any of us know the defensive side of things but it can’t be any worse than what we’ve seen.
They can figure out quick when Vanover is in a bad matchup so the coaches should be able to do the same with the guards.

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KK is 4-13 from the field this year so I’m not sure where people are getting that his shot looks so good this year.

If KK will just quit fouling and be a little more aggressive on offense I think he will see the floor.

His last time out he looked good!
Heck look at Notae and his numbers from 3. KK needs enough PT to be able to see what he can bring. The hogs haven’t built a lead to give the bench enough minutes to see what any of those guys can do.

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Last shot he made he got in with one minute and shot a 3 and made it.

This is looking good?

I bigger sample size is needed…and that was against Charlotte in a blow out.


How is the sample size gonna get any bigger if he never plays, Jeff? I’m kinda surprised…I figured you might be for him getting more run.

What he said.

Both of our next opponents can most certainly beat us and they know it. They will have confidence and we better respond from the tip off or we will be out of the top 25.

What I was saying is before people say he’s been shooting it great there needs to be a bigger sample size. I’m all for him playing at this point. I just wouldn’t say he’s been shooting great after hitting one three at the end of a blowout.

Tell me this…why is Mani not getting any run? He’s been here two years now and can’t see the floor. Seems like dude will at least play D and rebound. Tre Wade runs the floor hard but can’t get any run. I would start Wade before I started Connor at this point. Connor will never be able to defend the pick and roll.

Don’t know the answer on Kamani and Trey, other than Toney and J Will are playing lights out (except for the last game). And I understand that KK hit that 3 in garbage time, but man, it looked pure. I want to see more out of both Robinsons. I would start anyone over Connor. No way he should be starting.

Sounds like you had fun with Scotty and Corliss over the weekend. Had to be a blast getting the gang back together. Tell em I said hey.