From favorites to long shots, here's why your horse can — or can't — win

Who you got RD?

I always play the Arkansas Derby winner. So Angel of Empire and Tapit Trice.

I will be pulling for Angel of Empire. I didn’t bet him at the Derby, but he sure proved a whole lot of folks wrong. He’s a race horse.

Didn’t bet him at the Arkansas Derby but he was like my second choice so I was kicking myself. He’s definitely trending in the right direction.

Couple of related stories I came across today:

This one is written by a former exercise rider in the racing industry.

Will wait to hear more from the first story. I read about it yesterday.

Like humans, horses die early from health issues. If it’s determined the trainers were doing something unethical you take action.

As far as the second story, horses aren’t raced that often. Maybe 3-4 weeks between races. Many times a lot longer. Years, years ago they would race far more often.

Could there be some improvements made? Probably but I would need to talk to the horsemen.

The owners, trainers I know love their horses and treat them well.

dont know if a study has been done but i always bet on a grey horse if its in the race…and win more times than not…just one of my superstitions(?)over time

I hear that often from people. lol.

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I believe there are four grey’s running in the Derby.

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I like Angel of Empire and I like Practical Move a lot. If you noticed, Afleet Alex is his grandpa. I might throw in Skinner as a long shot. Great pedigree (Curlin) for 1 and 1/4 distance.

Well crap. I just saw where Practical Move scratched. I’ll have to find a replacement - maybe Verifying. He’s out of Justify’s first crop.

I was told that. Very interesting.

Geez! Thursday my 2nd favorite horse in the KY Derby, Practical Move, scratched. Today my long shot favorite, Skinner scratched. Both were scratched for elevated temperatures.

I’m much less excited about betting the Derby now.

This is big needless to say.

Enjoyed the Derby marathon coverage yesterday. This was the best part…


Wow. That’s a very touching piece. Thanks for sharing the link.

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