In which Liberty is #66 despite being in the Top 25 and the Hogs are #38. The Liberty strength of schedule is #117. Ours is #13. So basically they’re ranked because they’ve played pastries.

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And, because they lost to Wake Forest.

The only non-pastry they’ve played. Wake is two spots above us in the FPI.

Meanwhile, I’m sure NWA escorts are clearing their calendars for Friday night. Bucky Freeze is coming to town.

Liberty stifled Wake Forest’s weird running game, though Wake really did not make effort to run the ball. Wake still scored 37 points. On the other hand Liberty has given up really big yardage on the ground against other teams, though they’ve been fortunate in that most of those teams don’t throw the ball very well.

Liberty has not played a fast, physical team all year, and also has not seen anyone other than Wake who can throw and run. They are not a big defense, so they will have to try a lot of different things to try to give us bad plays, and hope their offense is hot enough to score a lot of points.
It would not surprise me much for this to be yet another game where we have a very uneven performance in the first half and then roll over a tired defense in the second half. It does not appear that Liberty has much depth on defense.

Liberty’s offense is based on fast, quick playmakers, and they are much more finesse than brute force, especially with their RBs. They will be trying to get their speed/quick guys into space. They do turn the ball over some.

Our defense needs to build on the performance we had at Auburn. We play bad D and we can make anyone look good. MO State is example.

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Vegas started us at -14. Not impressed with their pastry list.

If all of that plays out, we should romp, exposing Liberty as a fraud. Balance on offense could do them in. Possession could protect our defense from having its own weaknesses exploited. If…

If Liberty is a fraud, then Hugh Freeze won’t be glorified and get his chance at Auburn.

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