From ESPN article

Unbelievable stat:

“According to ESPN Stats and Information research Arkansas has won 12 of its 20 home games against AP top 5 teams in the AP poll era (since 1949). That’s the 2nd best winning percentage of any program, behind only Kentucky.”


Didn’t know that. Pretty dang awesome to say the least.

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Funny how before the game it’s all:
“They haven’t beaten a #1 team since 1984.”

Then after the game it’s all:
“They’ve won 12 of 20 home games against top 5 teams in the AP poll era (since 1949).”

A more respectful tone, wouldn’t you say?


No coincidence- the top two against top 5 teams at home (KY and AR) are also top two in basketball tickets sales. (Unless I am mistaken. Read that somewhere).


Not quite. Syracuse, with a 35,000-seat arena, normally leads the nation in attendance. With their struggles this year (nowhere near the bubble), they’re below us, but not much. UNC, Tennessee and Louisville also have larger arenas than BWA and are way up there. Louisville, like the Cuse, is struggling this year and their attendance is way off.

My point was ticket sales, not attendance… Read someone said that Kentucky was 1 and we were 2 this year.

If you don’t sell the tickets, they don’t show up. Not many people getting in free. I don’t know how anyone would have that information anyway. They don’t even have attendance numbers compiled, much less ticket sales, which don’t have to be reported except to the IRS, I guess.

Here you go. This list is “attendance” but is likely based on ticket sales (guessing). Scroll down to the 1/27 date. Don’t know how accurate or official these stats were. But it shows us only slightly behind Kentucky in second.

OK. No idea where he’s getting these figures, but they seem semi-plausible. We’ve been reporting 19,200 every night until Tuesday, but the Hofstra game in NLR is probably what dragged us down below 19K on his list. From the UA stat page, our average home attendance is now 19,275; they did not include Hofstra as a home game. The NCAA is okay with reporting ticket sales as attendance, and pretty much everybody does.

Arkansas baseball used to report actual attendance along with ticket “attendance.” I don’t think they do that anymore. If they do, I have trouble finding the numbers.

Basketball did too at one point. Probably decided it was more trouble than it was worth, although with ticket scanners it should be automatic.

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